How to Write a Speech on Speeches?

Students are assigned all types of academic assignments. They all are different and have different purposes. This variety may induce a lot of complications. For example, many folks cannot cope with writing speeches. It is an assignment that surely steps up from the crowd. You need to apply your speaking skills to disclose the topic. You are to really tell a story. Yet, this story must be written before it is introduced to your listeners.

The task is not always easy because it induces various obstacles. For example, students cannot pick the right words, repeat themselves too often, use unconvincing facts, and something of the kind. Sometimes students have to write a speech on speeches. Such a topic may confuse a lot of people. We will try to help learners. We have prepared an ultimate guide that explains how to write a speech on speeches.

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Read a Lot of Speeches

Your first step is to gather information and increase your experience in speech-making. To write a great piece about speeches, you need to read at least 5-7 samples from other authors. Take notes and reread them later. Try to identify the similarities and differences between them. Figure out the way speakers lead the monolog, what literary means are applied, how they deliver the main message, and something of the kind. Every detail is vital and so you should write it down to revise and possibly use in your own speech.

Select the Main Points

First, be sure to define from 3 to 5 standpoints for your project. You are supposed to give your listeners at least one key line that will make them remember your speech. A lot depends on the effect you want to achieve via your speech. Let’s check a few examples.

  • Use alliterations. These can be used to engage, explore, and enjoy. Or you can use them to connect, unite, collaborate, and so on.
  • Contrast the essentials. You can also show a contrast to underline the main point of your speech. For example, you want to say that speech-making is an ancient art. Thanks to its development, modern speakers can achieve better results to impact the masses. Compare the ancient times and the present. Show the contrast of speech influence.
  • Quote. You can also use one short quotation to emphasize the main purpose of your project.

You can always use smart means to pay attention to your audience to the issues you want.

Outline Your Speech

Your second step is to craft an outline of your speech. It helps to point out the main facts you need to mention, how and when they should be used, what are the deadlines, and so on. You may use various kinds of outlines for speeches. Let’s review 2 of them.


  • Introduction. Reveal a story or quotation that is related to your topic.
  • Main plot. Provide details about the key points of your speech.
  • Conclusion. Summarize all the clues of your project. You may even end with a call to action.


  • 1st part. Shed light on the main issue and explain why is it vital.
  • 2nd part. Provide one or several solutions to the issue.
  • 3rd part. Summarize by explaining the way your solutions solve the issue.

Write in the Same Tone as You Speak

To enjoy success when you perform in front of the public is to make your text sound as naturally as possible. One of the simplest and most effective tips is to speak as you do in the everyday life. You should feel relaxed and imagine as if you explain something to your friends.

Of course, you need to work out various elements of your speech. Here are the things you need to take care of:

  • Keep your sentences short;
  • Stick to the active voice;
  • Stay away from contractions;
  • Make logical transitions to every next part of your speech;
  • Avoid slang, jargon, and any unknown words;
  • Avoid watery sentences;
  • Do not repeat yourself.

When you write a speech, you may not give too close heed to grammar and spelling. No one will see the mistake because this paper is written for you as a foundation of your speech. Therefore, do not spend too much time on grammar. Just be sure the tenses are kept perfectly.

Give Definite Examples

A speech about speeches has a lot of similarities with other possible topics. For example, you need to be specific and precise with the examples you use to explain your theories and assumptions. Be accurate, but do not over-explain. Every issue that may be unknown to the masses, must be quickly explained. Your examples must be stuffed with verified facts.

Practice It Aloud

Finally, you need to practice your speech a lot of times. Of course, this should be done aloud. Speech is not easy to give, and you cannot hope that it will be flawless after 2 repetitions. There are a few ways to work it out. Make allowances for the next methods:

  • Use a mirror. The simplest way to check yourself is to speak in front of your mirror. Pay attention to your pause, movements, facial reaction, etc.
  • Ask others to listen. Ask others to listen to your speech and give their fair critique. Fix what is wrong.
  • Record and review. Finally, you may use a camera on your cell phone and record your speech. Afterward, review it to check how good or bad you are.

Sample Speech to Learn in Practice

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I am here today to address the topic of successful speech preparation and delivery to the public you will have to face. The first step that you need to take in the process of preparing the speech is the purpose of the address. For example, you may be required to prepare a speech for your graduation ceremony, acknowledgment of the community work, thanksgiving, or conferences for business-related purposes. However, an audience should be defined, and the aim set for the speech to be constructed clearly and simply. Do not overcomplicate the structure. It would also be helpful to avoid repetitions and complicated linguistic patterns or words that are not commonly used in daily interactions.

A good speech often comes from your heart, especially if it touches the burning issues of society. I am encouraging you to write a draft of the speech in order to avoid the stress that will undoubtedly overwhelm you once you stand in front of the public. Do not hesitate to memorize the speech despite the opportunity of having notes in front of you. The audience will reward you, once people see that you have actually prepared and devoted your time in order to impress them. Choose three main points that you want to highlight in the speech and tie all the remaining content or information to support the points. Moreover, use transitions and linking words to make the arguments logical and easy to comprehend.

A speech should also be accompanied by visual aid. It would be amazing to have a video or pictures that would support the arguments you choose. However, visual representation also includes the way that you control your body. Primarily, your body language communicates more information than actual words. Therefore, make sure to practice the verbal part in order to pay more attention to the control of gestures, eye contact, and posture. It is also helpful to manage the tone of voice and speed of talking. Remember that the audience wants to be delighted and believes in your success. I encourage you today to start believing in yourselves and do your best in your future speeches.
Thank you for your attention!

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