Speech Of Wisdom

A speech of wisdom is a speaking about what the wisdom is. The speech may be used for the high school or university graduation. Generally, a speech of wisdom is written in the free form, but it is better if it is divided into the parts. The main points of the speech are the introduction, several paragraphs of the main body, and the conclusion.

a man with a bookIf you know, even for a little, the history of the world, you are aware of the fact that the wisdom and the folly are quite similar concepts. When we look at the canvas of time, we understand that the wisest rulers were fools for their communities. For us, people of the 21st century, it is extremely strange. We are smart and educated; we may build a logical connection and draw complicated analogies. We all read clever books and watch interesting movies. Nonetheless, even we are not able to recognize the wisdom at first sight. Why, having a great experience and knowledge, we are aware of the genius of a man after his death?

First of all, I would like to say, that we, like our ancestors, are passing afraid of changes. The ancient people were afraid of the fire and the neighboring tribes, and now we are preparing a meal on a fire and find friends over the Internet. By the way, many people were afraid of televisions and computers recently. Was it smart? No. Was a man, who created the television, the computer, and the internet, wise? Of course. Thereby, the first sign of the truly wise person is the ability to not be afraid of the new. The fearless experiments, the thirst for new knowledge and the desire to transform the world, to make life easier and better is the features of an intelligent man.

In the second place, I believe that if we want to understand what wisdom is, we should be able to dream. I am not saying that we have to be a child forever. In my opinion, it is necessary to be able to dream properly. If each of us thinks and dreams about what he or she wants to see: one’s street, neighborhood, city, country, or sphere of activity, we will not act unreasonably. We will know in advance the best solution because we know what results we want to achieve.

Last but not least, it is a well-known fact that a wise man listens more than speaks. It is true because listening to people, we get new knowledge. Nevertheless, I believe that a wise man should not only listen but also speak. Someone who is not afraid to express the opinion is able to change the world for the better. An individual of such kind may speak a little and briefly but he or she does not allow the world to stand still. In conversation with such a person, the truth is born.

On the whole, I would like to say, that it does not matter what the assessments a person has at the university. Moreover, it does not matter what the profession a person has chosen. Much more important is that the person is open-minded and not afraid of changes. I would like to wish all the people in our world to learn to dream, to listen to each other, and to express an opinion. In my opinion, it is vital to learn from our ancestors. However, it is even more important to change the value of the wisdom as quickly as the world changes.

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