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Before the process of learning is over, students have to write a tremendous variety of academic papers. They all are specific and follow certain rules. Their diversity is vital because it develops various skills in students. One of the most uncommon and sometimes challenging assignments is a speech.

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It makes you perform before the public. Many students are shy about doing that. Even a graduation speech puzzles them. Luckily, you can prepare for it. You only need to write a great text to quickly run through it and highlight interesting facts. This task, however, is also complicated quite often. Some folks have poor skills or cannot select a good topic. The others have no idea about how to cover a topic assigned by their teachers. For example, not all folks can write a good speech of wisdom. This is the topic of our informative guide. We will highlight the most effective tips for writing a great wisdom speech, as well as will provide a useful sample. Read on to find out vital points and enrich your own education wisdom.

Research the Topic

Your first step is to research the topic. There is no need to select it because you already know that you should write about wisdom. What kind of wisdom to dwell upon? What is wisdom? How to find it? These and similar questions will be answered if you carry out our in-depth research. Thus, you will have various points of view. Select the one that is more appealing. You need, however, to take into account the needs of your audience. Be sure they will like what you are going to tell them.

Outline Your Speech

Your second step is to have a plan. It helps to outline all your steps, make them logical, and help you to be disciplined. It should include the next points:

  • The main chapters of the speech – introduction, thesis statement, 1-2-3… sub-points, and conclusion.
  • Short instructions for every stage;
  • Methods and tools to complete the project;
  • Clear and realistic deadlines.

Write Several Copies

Do not be hasty to write one cope and work with it. At times, it is better to write 2 or 3 drafts. The first draft may be a real mess. Do not give to the readability, grammar, and similar things. Just pour down all the things you would like to mention.

The second draft should unite all the points into a logical story. If you feel it needs improvement, polish the text in the third draft.

Make It Readable

Give heed to the general readability of your speech on wisdom. It must be perfect. To reach this aim, follow the next essentials:

  • Avoid slang, jargon, abbreviations, and other unnecessary or unknown words;
  • Avoid clichés and stereotypes;
  • Be logical and concise;
  • Do not use too many adjectives and adverbs;
  • Do not over-explain;
  • Make smooth transitions.

Of course, your grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be perfect. A speech with a lot of grammar mistakes becomes unreadable automatically. Your listeners will quickly realize that you speak with mistakes and will not like to listen to you.

When you write and revise your copies, you can apply Grammarly. It is a smart grammar checker that detects and underlines all the errors. It offers corrections, which are commonly suitable. Thus, you can improve your grammar in a few minutes.

Just like Grammarly, you can also use The Hemingway Editor. It helps to boost the readability by indicating various drawbacks. For example, it shows words with simpler meanings, sentences that are hard to read, overuse of the passive voice, adjectives, and so on. Both apps can be used for free and online.

Practice Your Speech

When you feel the text is ready, practice it. You need to work out your charisma and also be sure you speak firmly, straight to the point of your wisdom speech. Practice the speech several times and use a mirror to see how good you are.

It is also vital to ask other people to listen to your performance. Ask those people to give honest feedback. If something is wrong, they will report on it, and you will be able to improve your text. You should also watch the way other authors give their speeches.

Sample Speech

If you know, even for a little, the history of the world, you are aware of the fact that wisdom and folly are quite similar concepts. When we look at the canvas of time, we understand that the wisest rulers were fools for their communities. For us, people of the 21st century, it is extremely strange. We are smart and educated; we may build a logical connection and draw complicated analogies. We all read clever books and watch interesting movies. Nonetheless, even we are not able to recognize wisdom at first sight. Why, having great experience and knowledge, are we aware of a man’s genius after his death?

First, I would like to say, that we, like our ancestors, are passing afraid of changes. The ancient people were afraid of the fire and the neighboring tribes, and now we are preparing a meal on fire and finding friends over the Internet. By the way, many people were afraid of televisions and computers recently. Was it smart? No. Was a man, who created the television, the computer, and the internet, wise? Of course. Thereby, the first sign of a truly wise person is the ability to not be afraid of the new. The fearless experiments, the thirst for new knowledge, and the desire to transform the world, to make life easier and better are the features of an intelligent man.

In the second place, I believe that if we want to understand what wisdom is, we should be able to dream. I am not saying that we have to be a child forever. In my opinion, it is necessary to be able to dream properly. If each of us thinks and dreams about what we want to see: one’s street, neighborhood, city, country, or sphere of activity, we will not act unreasonably. We will know in advance the best solution because we know what we want to achieve.

Last but not least, it is a well-known fact that a wise man listens more than speaks. It is true because by listening to people, we get new knowledge. Nevertheless, I believe that a wise man should not only listen but also speak. Someone who is not afraid to express their opinion is able to change the world for the better. An individual of such kind may speak a little and briefly but he or she does not allow the world to stand still. In conversation with such a person, the truth is born.

On the whole, I would like to say, that it does not matter what assessments a person has at the university. Moreover, it does not matter what profession a person has chosen. Much more important is that the person is open-minded and not afraid of changes. I would like to wish all the people in our world to learn to dream, listen to each other, and express an opinion. In my opinion, it is vital to learn from our ancestors. However, it is even more important to change the value of wisdom as quickly as the world changes.

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