How to write a Speech on Homework

Not all students can write a good speech. This assignment means you’ll have to disclose your topic before the public by using your speaking skills to be persuasive and avoid stuttering. Nonetheless, it must be written first. This is when the problem appears. Some students have no idea how to write a speech, especially when the topic is specific. This time we will check the way you can write a speech on homework. We provide a guide about 3 major stages that are of huge importance.

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Preliminary Stage

Research the topic
Although you are assigned a topic about homework, you surely need some insights proposed by others. They may provide hints about what can be mentioned doing homework – the main hardships, its purpose, usefulness, and similar points. Do not forget to take smart notes or make bookmarks (if you are on the Internet).

Create an outline
After you are done with your research, refine the notes. Divide them into logical categories to quickly find the necessary ones. They should be used for the creation of your outline. It helps to organize the writing process. You will always know what data should be mentioned, how, and when. Set deadlines to be sure you write your speech on homework fast enough.
Writing Stage

Give heed to the lexicon
Your text and speech are supposed to “flow”. Oftentimes, everything gets spoiled because students use the packets of wrong words. First, you are expected to be original. Therefore, you need to get rid of clichés and stereotypes.

Secondly, avoid using slang, technical terms, unknown abbreviations, and jargon. Thirdly, do not overuse adjectives and adverbs. Fourthly, avoid repetitions of all kinds. Be straight to the point and do not write watery sentences.

Watch the length
Many speakers, as well as writers, drag their audiences into real boredom when they over-explain something or simply write long sentences. Although your speech homework is written for you and your teacher, your listeners will quickly notice that your sentences are too long. You should avoid it at any cost because such sentences are hard to comprehend.

Just remember any book with long paragraphs and sentences. Was it fast and easy to read? Did you comprehend everything? Perhaps you started to skip some data in 2-3 sentences already? If the sentence is too long, your listeners may forget about how it started when you get to the end. Therefore, break long parts into smaller chunks.

You should also think about when you can make a pause. There should be certain vital parts in your speech that are crucial for your listeners. To be sure they get your point, pause during such parts. Give them time to evaluate what you’ve just said.

Make smooth transitions
It is necessary to be logical and consistent in your speech. Be sure you disclose a certain point entirely before you go to the next one. They ought to be related to one another.

Stick to the active voice
Be sure you prefer the active voice. Compared to the passive voice, it requires fewer words, and the words it uses are commonly dynamic. They speed up your speech.

Post-Writing Stage

Reread in various ways
You need to edit and proofread your speech before you perform it. To do that, you need to read and reread your project. Do it at least twice to detect all the grammar mistakes, gaps in details, weak argumentation, and similar errors. Thus, your speech will become sophisticated and free of any drawbacks.

Ask others to help
Other people may help to identify some drawbacks. We sometimes cannot recognize the mistakes we make. When you write a speech, you may not realize that your argumentation is weak, inconsistent, use bad examples, and so on. By asking your friends or family members to listen to your performance, you may receive fair and necessary critique.

Apply learning apps
To be sure you didn’t miss errors, apply special learning apps. These are grammar checkers and editors. These smart apps scan the entire text in a few seconds and provide clear feedback. They underline all the errors and even offer their own suggestions. Click on the underlined error and check the suggestion. If that correction suits you, click on it to fix the error automatically. Learning apps save heaps of precious time.

As for the best ones, you can use Grammarly (a grammar checker) and the Hemingway Editor. These apps can be used for free, and they work when you have an Internet connection. The editor is used in your browser. The grammar checker can also be integrated into your Microsoft Office.

Follow the smart tips we have reported in our quick guide. They can be used every day. Your speech will be written much faster, will sound like therapy, and you’ll get the desired A+ grade.

Sample Speech

“Dear classmates,
Today I would like to discuss the topic which is closely connected to our studying process and affects us on a daily basis not necessarily in a positive way. The homework has become an issue for every student in this class which is why I have decided to take it up for today’s debate.

After a long day at school, we are supposed to come home to have a rest and to “digest” the information that was received during the classes. However, what really happens from day to day is that we get home, sit down at the table and pull out our homework… Yes. Yet another dose of knowledge that is supposed to be crammed into our brains somehow.

It would be logical to ask, when does the relaxing part of the day start? Right after the homework is ready, close to late at night, depending on the amount of work to be done. Nonetheless, after a prolonged period of intellectual effort, the brain cannot calm down quickly. For that reason, students may experience anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness in general. All the mentioned above factors provoke stress and permanent lack of sleep. As a result, overall performance at school declines rapidly.

It can be said that the more the students do to higher their grades, the fewer results they get. According to the information recently posted in the Huffington Post, there is no academic benefit in the homework after two hours for high school students and after one and a half hours for middle school students. Extensive amounts of information also cannot be absorbed after the particular limit.
Additionally, there are cases showing that homework can take so much time that it consumes not only students’ free time but also their sleep. It is also important to not forget about social contacts, hobbies, and other personal activities which help to form a healthy person. Doing homework can lead to less family time and less time for personal activities – out of class like watching movies or playing sports.

Students have no time for socialization which is especially important at a young age. However, it can be significantly decreased by the necessity to finish the homework on time causes corruption or slow development of social skills which are vital in modern society.

To conclude, staying up late and doing homework takes away a student’s time to sleep. Moreover, the lack of sleep can leave a student tired causing the inability to focus on the discussed subjects and new material. Excessive homework also takes away free time for socialization and relaxation. For all the mentioned above reasons I consider homework to be a controversial issue which was created in order to help students to become better on their path to knowledge but turned out to be the root of all evil.”

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