The Graduate Movie: How to Describe a Character?

the graduate movie

While students learn, they have to cope with a great variety of academic projects. Most of them should be written. One of them is to write an essay or a review of a movie. This piece of writing I pretty interesting and makes students try hard. They need to watch, analyze, assess, and disclose the main points of a good movie. The choice of the movie is crucial because a dull-witted action will not suit. It must be a piece that focuses on significant things for society. One of such is the “Graduate” film.

As you can understand it is devoted to college grads and the future that is frequently unknown to them. The movie was directed by Mike Nichols. It tells a story of a 21 years old student who does not really know what to do with his life. Oftentimes, students are asked to describe a certain character. There are women in his life, and you can focus on them. You can even describe characters of lesser value, such as a Boarding House Resident performed by Richard Dreyfuss. Even the most unnoticed personality can give you a lot of food to chew on.

Before we start to review a certain hero, let’s try to figure out the way you can describe one. Here are the tips to follow:

  • Select only one hero;
  • Write down all personality traits about him or her;
  • Have his or her visual image as well;
  • Try to compare the appearance and inner world of the hero;
  • Take notes about all other heroes who may shed more light on the selected hero;
  • Analyze his/her psychology, behavior, actions;
  • Define whether the choice he/she makes is heart-driven or mind-driven;
  • Analyze all the steps during the plot development;
  • Evaluate the hero and interpret your analysis.

A Movie “The Graduate” 1967: Things to Dwell Upon

To understand and afterward describe the depth of a character, it is necessary to learn about him or her carefully. At times, reading a book is not enough because many people are visual learners. Accordingly, they should watch a full movie, which was released in 1967. The main role of Benjamin Braddock is played by Dustin Hoffman. By watching his genius performance, you may get vital insights for the future description of his hero.

Who to Choose?

The movie tells us the story of Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman). He is 21 years old, and he is at the last stage of learning in college. As you have already guessed, he is a graduate. The youngster has no well-defined goal for his future life. He is seduced by an older married woman, Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft). Nonetheless, he later falls in love with her daughter Elaine (Katharine Ross). These are the main characters and so students commonly choose one of them. We recommend choosing Benjamin because he reflects a lot of fears and hopes of modern students from all over the world.

What Is Interesting about Benjamin?

After you select Ben, you need to underline their main peculiarities about him. What can they be?

  • Change. He is reluctant to change. He is a successful college graduate, but there is no clarity for his future. While all other people believe he is on the right track, the young man is almost desperate because he has no purpose.
  • Pondering. Ben is a natural ponderer. No matter what step must be taken, he never acts without pondering upon it. He is very careful! The boy solves all the issues linearly, without giving heed to details.
  • A hole in the heart. Ben has a big hole in his heart and desperately wants to fill it in. he tries to do that during the film.
  • Solution. The youngster rejects all the privileges of adult life and disappoints a lot of people (including his parents). Yet, he falls in love with Elaine and makes her run away from her groom. They jump on the bus and are still doubtful about their future. They are, however, happy at the moment. This was Ben’s choice and no one forced him. That’s why he is happy.

A Few Facts about the Movie

This piece of cinematography is captivating. It focuses on vital points, which are well-known to many college graduates. We would like to go a bit astray from its characters and offer a few interesting facts about this piece.

The movie is based on a novel with the same title. It is written by Charles Webb.
Many other actors could play the role of Ben. For example, Warren Beatty, Robert Redford, and other famous actors were intended to get the role of Hoffman. We can bet that the choice for Dustin was perfect.
Lauren Bacall and Audrey Hepburn wanted the role of Mrs. Robinson.
Such actresses as Faye Dunaway, Goldie Hawn, and Jane Fonda were intended to play the role of Elaine.
The budget of the movie was only $3 million, and it earned $104.9 million (North America) and $85 million (worldwide rentals). This is one of the greatest commercial successes for movies with such small budgets.

It is vital to watch the movie 1-3 times to understand it fully and define all of Ben’s traits. Thus, you can use Putlocker, Dailymotion, etc., which are famous online hosting sites that provide streaming of various movies. These are modern movies on Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, and other giants of cinematography. You can also find older masterpieces, such as Graduate.

Summing Up

The “Graduate” movie is one of the best of its kind. It is truly a real masterpiece, such as the book it was filmed after. If you are assigned to write a report or review of this movie, you are lucky. In case you need to depict a character, your choice is juicy as well! Select any of the characters and tell their stories. You will have a lot of stuff that must be analyzed and explained in clear words. This is a challenge, but this challenge is interesting!

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