Speech of Parents

To prepare a speech of parents you should consider several topics to be considered to be central throughout the talk. The main focus of the speech should be the recognition of the effort that your children have made throughout their life in order to reach the expectations that you have set for them. Each child enjoys the gratitude expressed by the parent. They work hard each day in order for their mothers and fathers to be satisfied and happy with the accomplishments. The most suitable topic for the speech would be the description of the admiration of child’s efforts. It would be helpful to trace the progress that children made and identify key events that affected the major alterations in their life. During the speech of parents it is necessary to maintain honest, cheerful and happy while presenting the speech.

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Dear children, we are honored to be with you today on such important day of your life that will sustain a new stage of your life. There is hardly a word that could better describe how much we love you and are proud of your accomplishment. Since you were born, it was the feeling of love at first sight, making each of us realize that you will be the central topic for discussions, worries and joys from now on. This assumption turned out to be true. Now you are here as grown ups, making us feel proud of the many accomplishments that you have had through life. I think that each of us will be able to relate to the first steps you have made in life. The constant falling down, but eagerness to continue the effort, despite the complications that remained. Today, I would like you to remember that you should not give up in any obstacle that might rise on you way to happiness or success.

As parents, we want to remind you that it is absolutely important for each of you to focus on the positive moments that happened in your life. Do not look at life as another challenge, perceive it as an opportunity to be better, to make the world around you a better place. What you have done so far proves that you will be successful in everything that you decide to partake in the future. I can remember the day when my lovely daughter was sitting in her room, reading and re – reading the law in order to remember each detail necessary to win the state competition. At that point I understood two important things. First of all, there is nothing for me as a parent to worry about. She is persistent, confident and detail – oriented, what other qualities do you need, right?

Ultimately, I want to encourage other parents sharing this day to let go and simply be proud of the incredible talents your children have. The second point I understood that day is that i cannot help her the way I did just a few years back. Children grow fast and we have done everything in our power to make them independent and strong to be able to solve the issue in adult life. We are sure that today each of you will use the knowledge, respect the patience and admire the effort that parents have contributed to who you are as personalities today.

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