Sample Analysis Report

An analysis report is a document that includes a key information on some research, event or study. Besides, an analysis report may be identified as a thorough summary of some activities. It reveals positive and negative sides of the object, provides the main data, also offers solutions and perspectives to the founded problems. Obviously, a report has a wide range of usage, anyway, it is mostly conducted in the business, educational, and scientific fields. It is necessary to clarify that a regular analysis report is approximately 7-12 pages. Below is a simplified version of the sample analysis report. The topic is “The analysis to determine appropriate basketball shoes for indoor training”.



Background. The game of basketball is a popular activity among American students. Many of them regularly attend training and participate in various college competition. Without a doubt, the appropriate basketball shoes are the required equipment for both athletes and enthusiasts. Moreover, there is a lot of shoes with specific characteristics. Being a player, I have tried several models of shoes during the training but all of them have both positive and negative sides. Based on my research and experience, I am going to determine the comfiest basketball shoes exactly for indoor training.

Purpose. The purpose of this report is to identify the best basketball shoes for indoor training among the three most popular models.

Scope. I have chosen three models: Nike Kobe Elite XI Low, Nike Kyrie 1, and Under Armour Curry Low. Being the analyst I am going to explore the following:

  1. The design, appearance, price, and weight of each model.
  2. Constituent materials of the shoes and their characteristics.
  3. The basic purposes of the models.
  4. The lacing and ankle support.
  5. The conditions of the experiment.
  6. The characteristics of insole and sole of each model.
  7. The breathability, traction, and cushioning.
  8. Some additional features of the shoes.
  9. The evaluation based on the practice.
  10. The opinions of players about these shoes.


August 22 Collecting all the background data for each model.

August 24 Viewing the opinions on the shoes via Internet.

August 25 Testing Nike Kyrie 1

August 27 Testing Nike Kobe Elite XI Low

August 29 Testing Under Armour Curry Low

September 2 Collecting the opinions of students who play in these shoes.

Data Processing

The design, appearance, price, and weight. Nike Kyrie 1.

I have used the shoes, which I bought in the summer of 2015. The model is called “Deceptive Red”, the color is red with black. I paid for this shoes $110. The shoe weight is 12.2 OZ. This pair is one of my favorite for outside games but I wanted to evaluate the abilities of the shoes while training on the court. The shoe height is middle and the design may be characterized as futuristic.

Further, the report analogically reveals all the collected data for each model. It is written step by step considering the aspects listed in Scope section. After this, there is a conclusion based on the processed data, the personal experience, and objective evaluation.


Interpretation. Generally, Nike Kyrie 1 are excellent basketball shoes. It is mid-high with a great ankle support. Also, their weight allows a player to train comfortably more than two hours. The special Hyperfuse technology combined with high-quality synthetic materials make the shoes extremely durable and flexible. The cushioning and traction are satisfactory as well. In addition, the adequate price, the wide color range, and the unique appearance make this shoes one of the most appropriate for intense loads. Together with that, the breathability of shoes is not effective enough. Also, their comfort features are not suitable for thin and long feet. Based on my personal experience and outside views, the shoes are too reinforced and slightly cumbersome for practicing. Their cushioning and sole are more appropriate for outdoor coating, which makes this model great for games and outdoor practicing but not for a simple indoor training.

A student has to sum up all the findings of other two models. In the end, there should be a general statement, which clearly meets the purpose of the analysis.

Recommendations. Based on this analysis report, I would recommend using Nike Kobe Elite XI Low as the most appropriate basketball shoes for measured indoor training.

After this, a student should include Work Cited section with all the used sources.

Consequently, one may easily create analysis report based on the aforementioned sample. It should be recognized that a superb report is a professional and beneficial document. Analysis reports must be specific, well-organized, informative, and clear. Any analysis report should have three parts of structure: introduction, data processing, and conclusion.


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