3 Sources of Pride or How to Produce an Eloquent Speech of ‘My School’:

conference speakersStudents are used to spending so much time at school that it becomes their second home. Here, they are required to perform many different duties – from doing homework or big projects, writing essays, making speeches to taking different exams and defending term papers. Moreover, every student needs to do all that successfully as the final results have a huge impact on their future. Right?

Sometimes, students are asked to deliver speeches on various school topics. “How to write my speech about school?” With the help of this article! The speech of ‘my school’ is the type of work in which a student introduces his or her school to the audience. However, the first question enters the student’s head, “How will I present my school when nothing brings me pleasure?”

3 Points to Mention About My School

A school is a place where children learn basic principles about the world. That is why a speech of ‘my school’ is aimed at expressing the thought that this place is significant for every person. Let’s focus on 3 points you can describe in your school speech.

1. The Starting Point of New Life Experience

Dear …,
It’s gratifying to look around and see so many familiar faces – teachers, close and not so close friends. It’s great to see you all here, within the walls of the building where we spend half of a day acquiring new knowledge and experience that can help to understand this life better. In many countries, children typically start going to school the year they turn 6-7. When did you start your school? Remember the starting point of your school life?

For instance, I was enrolled in a school at the age of six. I am grateful to my parents for sending me namely to this school. In fact, whatever I am today I owe it all to my school. Usually, many parents feel a bit nervous about what might happen to their child in the new environment – he/she might get lost, stressed, offended or even beaten. The school life can be different, but every student should draw some useful lessons, for example, how to resolve the conflicts quickly. Yes, we can read a lot of information on it today. But is it so helpful to read many articles on any topic than to apply all the practical tips in real life situations?

Generally speaking, it is worth to state that this important stage of life should be passed by everyone who wants to get valuable experience of the social life – you are surrounded by various people with different temperaments and characters.

I remember the day when I stepped across the threshold of my school for the first time. Nothing awful occurred to me, nobody attacked me. In general, my journey in this school is excellent despite some unavoidable issues in the school life – you can learn to avoid them in the future. I consider my time spent in school as the most valuable life experience due to meeting interesting people, making friends for life, and discovering new interests. My school has helped me to become confident, responsible and knowledgeable. I am sure that it will equip many students with necessary life lessons and set them on the path where they experience life like never before. Moreover, one day this valuable experience will help me to find a rewarding professional career.

2. The Perfect Stage of My Personal Development

Hello everyone who has to go to school every day like me. It stands to reason that a teacher has a duty to teach, a student is interested in studying new things about our world. Feel happy to do it routinely? Now, I’m ready to speak about the main reason why I’m happy to attend my school every day.

Probably, you hear some lofty ideas like “Schools play a very important role in our society” or “My school is my second home. It occupies an important place in my life”? Blah-blah-blah… So, why do people speak about school in such a good manner?

I agree with the fact that studying at school is a busy period of the life. You need to succeed in everything – attending a course, writing an essay, being engaged in some extracurricular activities, taking an exam, etc. On the one hand, the school causes the biggest influence on the daily schedule of a student – he/she has to do so much homework that there is almost no time to hang out with friends or walking in a park. No, no, I don’t do it at all. Look at my schedule – I spend about 8 hours in the classrooms, then 5-6 hours are spent on doing different assignments. Now I’m saying it not with the aim to give appraisal from my teachers that I’m a diligent student. Indeed, I’m trying to be such an excellent student, but not always I manage to perform all the tasks successfully.

On the other hand, it is in the school where much useful and interesting information is given to me. I talk to my wonderful teachers and classmates about everything I’m interested in. Know that an average four-year-old child asks over 400 questions a day. So, for my teachers, I am such a ‘4-year-old’ student who asks everything that is of his/her interest. So, it is possible to say that the school is one of the basic institutions which significantly affects my personal development, maybe, because I have such qualified teachers. I want to thank them for being so supportive and patient in many cases. I highly appreciate the hard work that you put into my mental and intellectual growth.

There isn’t a better school for me than this one. I feel proud of my achievements which are greatly affected by the skills and talents my school helps me to develop.

3. The Homely Atmosphere of Studying

Good morning to all! I am in front of you all to describe my school in all its glory. The time spent within my school is so enjoyable that I am unwilling to be absent. Why? Because I feel as if I’m at home – at home where everything is arranged according to my needs and interests. Need to study? You are welcome to the spacious classrooms. Need to entertain? Get engaged in different interesting activities such as sports, dancing, singing, etc. Want to show your talent? Participate in the monthly concerts. Want to travel? Join the traveling club. There are many possibilities that are open to us. Sounds unreal?

My school is not new as it operates for more than 25 years now. But recently the school authorities have changed the strategy – an academic pressure from doing assignments and tests successfully is intermingled with some extracurricular activities outside the school time and on Saturdays. I am sure that after my school life, I’ll miss so many memories in my mind.

I will never forget this multi-storied light-gray rectangular building. Younger grades are located on the first 3 floors while high school students are mainly at the higher floors. Thankfully, there is an elevator that helps reach the classrooms quickly. The classrooms are bright and airy, with the large windows, comfortable desks and chairs. It is always pleasant to listen to my teachers sitting in such comfortable places. The walls of the classrooms are decorated with flowers, paintings, tables and portraits of outstanding scientists. Who knows – maybe, Alfred Nobel, more correctly his portrait, brings me luck during the final tests. Thank you! ☺

The high porch with columns and multiple steps remind me of the best time ever. School life is very joyful and happy experience for me. From this porch, every year in the fall we are informed about the starting of the academic year. When you come into the building, on the first floor there is a large spacious hall. The biggest pride of my school are huge pots of tall flowers, such as palm trees, potted roses, geraniums, and others.

In the schoolyard, there is a large stadium. Who knows – maybe, namely in this stadium, the potential athletes are trained. Moreover, there are computer science classrooms where young ‘Steves Jobs’ have the opportunity to study the ins and outs of computer programming. I’ve already looked forward to studying this subject when it is on my schedule.

Year after year, we are growing. Instead of a passionate delight, we feel an equal and very good sense of peace and security, which school walls give us. We know that its work is important for the development of the future generations. That is why the speech of my school provides the deep love for my second home.

Different opinions are expressed about school life. While at Debate.org there are 2 opposite views concerning the school and working life, all of us pass through this stage of studying at school. It is true that not always the success at school guarantees the success in the future life. If you’re wondering why it is happening, watch the following video:

3 Ways of Public Speaking About My School

After you know what to say about your school, you should know how to say it properly so that your speech is more meaningful and impacting. There are 3 ways that can help you with this daunting task to present ‘My School Life’ topic.

    1. Be memorable. What does it mean to be memorable for your targeted audience? Don’t put on a unicorn’s attribute to be well-remembered. It is enough to start with a good opening that could get your listeners’ attention piqued. First of all, don’t forget to greet and introduce yourself briefly without mentioning all your life achievements. Short ways of greeting are found in every example of ‘my school’ speech. Secondly, you can address directly to the audience with the help of questions that you also can find in our examples. Thirdly, share some jokes, quotes, stories in relation to the topic to hook your audience.
    2. Stick to the speech structure. Get easily sidetracked? A structure won’t allow you to beat about the bush. The following guide shows the order and sequence of how your speech is going to be delivered.

  1. Keep your speech short and simple. It is unfortunate for all public speakers to see the statistics that people don’t remember 30% of what they hear. For that reason, forget about long PowerPoint presentations and loads of data. Alternatively, you can use the tips on how to fix the problem concerning the bad memorizing by Dr. Nick Morgan, a top American communication theorist, and coach.

Now, you know how to deliver a good ‘my school’ speech in front of an audience. You are even given some examples of speechwriting – 3 points that every one of us should remember about school life. Use all the tips, and be ready to provide a masterpiece that brings interest and success.

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