Reality Kicks In: How to Maintain Your Knowledge and Skills During Quarantine?

All over the globe, college and university students are facing hard times sitting at home instead of attending classes and enjoying in-person communication with their pals. Sneaking into their blankets to check some of the episodes of Game of Thrones or Friends is always a nice idea. However, we don’t know when the quarantine is over, and we’re finally out of the dark. The pandemic has brought us to a stand-still. But we all are locked us up for good reason, which means this self-isolated period should be used wisely and highly productive, if possible. Despite the fact that colleges are closed as well, nobody’s canceled the education process.

Take Online Courses

At the moment, the number of online courses is pretty impressive. Quarantined undergrads can pick any course or two that they are interested in and work towards improving their knowledge and skills in a particular area. Based on their passions and demands students can select a web course. Together with boosting their current skills, they can also add some points to their resume in the form of an online certificate proving they completed the course successfully. In fact, taking online courses is one of the most effective and productive ways to uplift one’s skills. Keep in mind that various colleges tend to provide online courses for students all over the world.


This sounds so obvious, and you’ve definitely heard it more than once. However, reading must be an integral part of your social-distancing routine. Why? Mainly because of self-improvement. Reading does help us bring to the surface our better selves. Through reading, you get a better understanding of the materials that you deal with in college. At the same time, you have more time to read about something that had nothing to do with academic topics. Instead, you can pay attention to the books about how to boost your self-confidence, how to train your memory, and so on. Through reading, you will be able to cultivate some good time management, research, and analyzing habits to benefit from each in the future.


No doubt, you have a friend or a family member who has exceptional knowledge in Maths, English Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, Ancient History, Environmental Management, and Technology, or Chinese Art. Consider approaching this wise person and agree on regular collaboration sessions. This kind of interaction will help you learn new skills, enrich your current knowledge in a certain field, as well as improve your relationship with someone dear to your heart.

Revise Lecture Notes

It is true that college students who take notes during lectures or lessons regularly tend to achieve more than the ones who fail to. The reason is that the process of note-taking helps you feel engaged and focuses your attention on the key messages that your tutor is trying to convey.

What is more, the core value of this process lies in more than just writing down what your professor has to say. When it is time to re-check and revise your notes, you’re going to achieve more than your mates who never record or review notes. Today’s quarantine provides you with a great opportunity to revise your notes that were taken during the whole semester or two.

Focus on a Particular Skill

If you’re aware of your knowledge gaps and plan to close each, we recommend concentrating on a specific skill and the resources that exist to boost that very skill. For instance, if you’re planning to improve your English grammar skills, then there are loads of internet resources, such as videos, online courses, etc. What is more, there are dozens of apps and websites that you can use on the web to upgrade some specific skills. Internet accessibility and e-devices are the only things you need to start your self-improvement.

Learn a New Language

Would you like to say, “I’m bored during quarantine” in four languages? Today’s self-distancing routine provides you with plenty of time to practice or even learn a new language. For example, you might use Duolingo to ease the process of learning. You can choose something standard like Spanish or German language. Or, as an alternative, give your preference to Japanese or Esperanto.

As you can see, there are lots of different ways to maintain your skills and knowledge, as well as boost your personality development during the pandemic period. The global lockdown caused by COVID-19 outbreak is the right time for high school, college, or university-level students to work towards improving their skills and getting ready for the new academic semester that will come sooner or later. These upgraded skills are going to not only boost your academic abilities but also add value to the future career-building process and your recruiting opportunities as well.

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