40 Astrology Topics: What Do You Need to Study About Astrology?

astrology topics
Astrology accompanies humanity throughout its history, including even prehistoric times. For several millennia, astrology has been the engine of scientific thought. It integrated all disciplines related to human life, religion, medicine, social life, mathematics, and geography. Today, the scientific worldview does not have the integrity that was characteristic of ancient science. In the modern world, people have the wrong frivolous idea of astrology – usually, it is limited to astrological predictions in a horoscope. However, this is a field of knowledge that, in any case, is worthy of attention and time of students who write my paper for me.

Believe it or not, Astrology has always been thought of as something that directly affects human lives. Moreover, as something so mainstream, it’s important that young and old understand the implications behind it and how the whole phenomenon even works. Knowing about something and having faith in it are two different things, and being a college student, it becomes necessary to open your mind to the former.

When students expand their insights and broaden their minds to different information and knowledge, it helps them make better references and stronger reason for existence. For this reason and many others, such as the book report writing service, a subject such as astrology is necessary to attend during college life.

40 Astrology Topics for Good Research

topics for research
What is this good research? For students, the good research process is when everything is lovely, and the goose hangs high – all the necessary steps are taken with ease, and the final results aren’t to be late in coming. Firstly, it is possible when a student defines the scope of the project precisely. Secondly, he/she needs to formulate a research topic. This topic should be interesting for a researcher, relevant to the chosen field of study and feasible to research and come up with findings. There are other 15 steps to good research.

In the meantime, come up with a good topic on Astrology for your own research. Look at what you can research in Astrology:

  1. Astrology as a Historical and Cultural Phenomenon: What Is It?
  2. Primitive People and Their Beliefs Related to Astrology
  3. The Role of Ancient Peoples in Astrology: What Was Achieved?
  4. How Truthful and Useful the Strange Ancient Practice of Astrology Were?
  5. The Basic Principles Laid Down by Ptolemy Nearly 2000 Years Ago
  6. The Influence of Astrology on the Fortunes of Kings and Nations
  7. The Main Stages of the History in Astrology: What Is the Most Significant Period of Time and Why?
  8. The Features of the Development of Astrology from Ancient Times to the Present Day
  9. Why Did Several Prominent Philosophers (Giulio Libri and Cesare Cremonini) Refuse to Even Look Through the Telescope?
  10. The Modern Stage of Astrology: The Crisis of Newtonian Physics
  11. Classification of Astrological Knowledge Through the Ages
  12. The Object, Subject and Epistemological Functions of Astrology
  13. Astrology from the Standpoint of Religious and Philosophical Systems
  14. Astrology and Religion: What Is the Connection Between Fields?
  15. Astrology and Religious Practices: What Combines?
  16. The Emergence of Developed Astrological Systems
  17. The Crisis of “Scientific Astrology” and the Triumph of Newton’s Physics
  18. The Development of Astrology Omens and Calendar Astrology
  19. The Modern Definition of “Astrology”: 3 Aspects of the Concept
  20. Is There Something Really Meaningful Behind Astrology?
  21. How Far Can Astrology’s Musings Go Based on Examples?
  22. Can Astrology Determine the Most Maddening Habits of Every Zodiac Sign?
  23. World Famous Leaders and Their Zodiac Signs
  24. What Will Happen If Hitler Had Another Star Sign?
  25. If Astrologers Knew Who Hitler Would Become: Why Didn’t They Stop Him?
  26. Mental Abilities of Each Sign of the Zodiac
  27. Has It Been Determined Already if Astrology Is a Science or Not?
  28. The Problem of the Relationship Between Scientific and Extra-Scientific Knowledge
  29. The Interaction of Astrology with Various Scientific Disciplines: What Are They?
  30. Are Astronomy and Astrology Two Different Notions?
  31. How Can Astrology Possible Make a Difference in Our Lives?
  32. Moon Can Make People Cry, Murder or Act Funny: What Is the Logic Behind It?
  33. The Human Psyche Through the Eyes of an Astrologer
  34. Mind and Space: Holotropic States of Consciousness, Archetypical Psychology, and Transit Astrology
  35. Top 5 Natal Chart Trends Used in 2019
  36. Why Do Horoscopes of the Same Zodiac Sign in Different Newspapers Differ So Much?
  37. The Rationalization of Esoteric Thinking on the Material of Astrology
  38. The Idea of Similarity in Astrology and Its Rational Equivalents
  39. The Similarity as the Basis of the Astrological View of the World
  40. Astrology as the Ultimate Ontological Framework

To be honest, there are so many hidden depths in Astrology that it can be really interesting to study many questions from different perspectives. Maybe, conducting research on these topics will make you think about this field in a different way and convince you that astrology really is something impressive. Look at what can help you make the research process smooth and pleasant.

The List of Information Sources on Astrology to Write a Good Paper

Despite the fact that a number of scientists do not recognize Astrology as a science arguing that it does not have an irrefutable evidence base, other researchers see the potential for discoveries in this field that can change the concept of life, the universe, the cosmos, and human. To empower your journey into this intriguing area, write my speech on the insights from these books and scientific journals, which you can use as a basis for your work and new discoveries in Astrology. Below, we have collected the most interesting and relevant studies on astrology, providing a solid foundation for further exploration and discourse.

Top 10 Books to Start a Journey in Astrology

If you just have started studying Astrology, it makes sense to start with books explaining basic concepts and then proceed to scientific researches. As a rule, books are written for a wide range of readers because this is a great way to take an introductory course, understand the basic vocabulary and terms, and make a list of questions for further study. Here are the books we recommend starting with.

  1. The Manual of Astrology, 2010
  2. A History of Western Astrology, 1987
  3. A Guide To The Signs, 1992
  4. Fundamentals of Astrology, 1988
  5. Astrology For You, 2005
  6. Astrology: Art and Science, 2013
  7. Astrology: Sense or Nonsense?, 1974
  8. Yogas in Astrology, 2003
  9. Vedic Nadi Astrology And Career, 2005
  10. Secrets Of Astrology, 2013

So, if you are well-versed in the basic concepts, let’s proceed to scientific researches the list of which we have collected below.

7 Scientific Articles on Astrology to Study and Analyze

International Journal of Jyotish Research offers various articles to study on Astrology, including:

  1. Astrological Theory of Siddhars in the Context of Human Diseases Development, 2019
  2. A Look at the Sun from an Astrological Point of View, 2019
  3. Vedic Astrology: The Question of Predetermining Gender of the Unborn Person with Data Mining Methods, 2018
  4. Influence of Planets on Export Trade: Astrology at the Interface with the Economy, 2018
  5. Vaasthu Sasthiram Techniques, 2018
  6. An Empirical Study of the Question If Our Birth and Sex Are Determined in Advance, 2018
  7. Evidence of the Importance and Relevance of Vedic Astrology, 2018

Some More Sources of Information You May Use As Well

  • An Attempt to Prove That Astrology Is Still Valid as a Science, 1990
  • Criticism of Modern Concepts of Astrology,1997
  • Astrology from a Mathematical Point of View – What Is the Meaning of House Division?, 2000
  • New Attempts and Research Methods Used by Modern Astrologers, 2003
  • Astronomy and Astrology, 2011

Feel free to use the topic and materials provided in this article for your scientific immersion in the secrets of Astrology. The academic world is waiting for your new discoveries and theories on Astrology! Impress everyone with your well-written research paper, which you order from our specialists.

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