11 Tips from the Best Speech Writers to Use in Your Love Message

Professing your love to someone is not an easy task and if you have ever stood in front of your crush with trembling legs and a heart beating faster than a train, then you know what we mean. Telling someone you love might not be such a problem for people who are familiar with the art of speaking, but with all other 95% of people, it’s more like trying to swallow lava.
Taking face to face is an enigma itself and when you add love into the mixture, it takes on a more complicated turn. So instead of declaring your love to your crush’s face and facing the possibility of getting shot down, you should consider declaring your love in a safer way. Yeah, we are talking about staying in a safe proximity of your home, in front of your computer and using a Facebook message or an email to do all the work for you.

If unfortunately they don’t return your feelings, well, you can go right ahead and have a little cry and eat Ben and Jerry straight from the tub. Even if you decide to write a love letter to your intended girlfriend/boyfriend, here are some speech tips that you can use to pizzazz it a little bit.

1. Think about Why You Are Writing a Love Letter

What is so special about the recipient? Is it their dreamy eyes or the crinkles around their eyes when they smile or is it the dimples? Do you look like this when they are in the vicinity?

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Thinking clearly about why you love a person will give you a head start on writing the most personalized letter to them.

2. Find an Answer to Why You Want to Write a Love Letter

Don’t say “I can’t live without him/her”! Sorry but that’s too cheesy, or too mainstream if you ask. Think about how including them in your life will complete you or give you that glorious feeling of fulfillment.

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3. Know the Person

Being in love with someone means that you notice every little thing that they do or don’t. You probably know them better than you think. Use that knowledge and write a letter which will melt their hearts.

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4. Make a Plan for Your Letter

Being indecisive is not going to cut it. Plan the whole letter in advance. Otherwise, in the middle you are probably going to look like a headless chicken running around with no destination in mind.

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5. Use Your Smart Phone

Siri is going to be quite helpful in this area. Although, she can’t really write the letter for you but can offer some amazing insights into romantic quotes or even help you record your ideas. Because without that …

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6. Write the First Draft

Start composing, even if it takes time.

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7. Add the Good Stuff

Clichéd romantic lines? Check! Creative personalized comments? Check! Cheesy lines to hype up the speech? Check!

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8. Re-Check

You might think grammar is not important because, “hey, it’s just a love letter not a term paper”, but it is. Trust us, because “whole” can easily be auto-corrected to “whore”, just to give you an example.

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9. Test It Out

Recite the letter to your friends.

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10. Send It

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But take care of the time.
These are some of the tips from the best speech writers, which will help you compose a love letter that will knock your crush’s socks off! What to do to have it done? Ask, “Write my speech” and wait for the final perfect result!

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