Technical Report Topic Ideas

Writing a technical report is an exercise that requires attentiveness and determination, hence the provided technical report topic ideas should come in handy for one who seeks to learn writing this particular kind of document. A technical report is a written work that describes a technological process in considerable detail. The content of the document has to be utmost informative and objectified. It should lack any personal thoughts and references of the author. Writing such a report is a widely common task. It is a necessary part of any production or business that features certain technological appliances. A technical report is usually written by workers of an enterprise to present findings that could be useful to the research and development department, as well as the management of the company. As a result, a similar task is also often assigned to students in order to teach them to observe and analyze a certain technological process. In other words, the technical report topic ideas should provide a basic understanding of how a technological report works.

In order to get started, one should understand the nature of a technical report. A technical report is a document that describes a certain process, depicting each of its steps in profound detail. The report should also emphasize the progress of the process and what result it yields. While the report can feature a suggestion about an observed problem in the described process, it is not a kind of paper that should focus on the research of the issue. The aim of the technical report is, first of all, to inform that target authority about the current state of affairs and the existence of any problems and/or potential for improvement. Therefore, one may suggest that a technical report is a valuable asset that can be used for further research, rather than an independent scientific work.

In any case, the following technical report topic ideas may be useful in order to form a better understanding of how to write such a report:

  • Plant production technical report. One may observe the process of the technical production of a product at a manufacturing plant or factory. The observed productivity and efficiency of the process should be thoroughly documented;
  • Business technical report. Maintaining a business can also be described as a technological process. One may write a technical report about the annual sales of the company and suggest how to cut costs;
  • Fast food-restaurant report. The kitchen of a fast-food diner is similar to a factory. One may report each step of the cooking process: from defrosting the meat and buns for burgers to cooking the oil for the French fries;
  • Computer science technical report. This report may feature an analysis of a computer program’s code and its effectiveness in conducting its primary functions;
  • Lab experiment report. This type of report may be one of the most common ones for students. The paper should feature a detailed description of each step of the conducted experiment, its aim and outcome, as well as what was learned in the process.
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