Technical Proposal Template: a Guide to Follow

Any technical innovator should introduce his/her ideas to a company in the form of technical proposal template in order to further develop the product on the market. Any idea should be realized and rendered in the coherent and logical way to convey the primary message and draw attention from the enterprise. Therefore, when constructing technical proposal template, one needs to state the purpose in a clear way mentioning such critical sections as the description of the product, technical characteristics, and its applicability.


The project proposal involves the necessary information about the particular research work that is significant for sponsors who use it to assess the project and make a decision about its funding. It is usually written in the early stage of the project planning before the concrete decisions are taken, and financing is attributed. Proposals can be divided into internal ones that exist within the enterprise or external that are constructed outside the company from one enterprise to another one. They also vary in form since some are organized for businesses whereas others — for non-governmental organizations or college. The example of technical proposal template is introduced below implying the project that focuses on the new invention and means of its promotion to market.


Name of Enterprise

In this section, a person, team of innovators, or small enterprise should introduce oneselves including educational background and professional skills. The subjects are needed to draw company’s attention highlighting some important features to create good scenario. In this respect, the innovators should show their candidacy from the best perspective to make investors interested in the innovation.

Description of the Product

In this phase, a person or group of people are required to describe the product, its characteristics, and overview. It is significant to show the best traits of the product and its uniqueness to grab the potential investors. One needs to render personal vision to the target audience and appeal to the reader based on solid analysis of the product.

Applicability of the Product

In this stage, the inventor designates the exact details of the product keeping the readers in suspense. One should get the reader’s interest emphasizing the inner traits of the product and keep her/his focus. The person promoting the product should show its benefits and demonstrate which problem or challenge the product can solve. It is significant to indicate why this innovation is necessary and useful nowadays.

Style and Submitting the Proposal

When writing the proposal, the subject usually represents some technical data that may be not understandable for the ordinary customers. Therefore, one should describe technical traits in the concise and accurate way to show the good organization of the project. It is essential to apply the technical terminology when it is required; otherwise, the abundance of complicated technical terms can confuse the reader. At the same, the innovator should not simplify the style and reach comprehension with the recipient using the appropriate style of language. What is more, when submitting the proposal, one needs to check whether the report is written based on guidelines. One is also required to protect the invention and maintain technicality in order not to be rejected by the company.

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