Essay Help 123: How NOT to Get in a Right Pickle

You know what is worse than being handed an ‘F’ graded essay by your professor? It is paying actual money, to have this paper written. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on something, you have to make sure you are to get something good in return. The same rule applies to Essay Help 123. Contrary to how easy it seems, getting help from an essay writing service does not mean you hand them the order along with the cash and head off to the snoozeville.

There are certain things you need to ask and inform before thrusting your future into someone else’s hands by asking, “Make my essay well-written please”. No idea what we are talking about? Well, it’s time for you to learn something valuable about hiring essay writing services.

Here’s what you can do to avoid getting in a right pickle:

  • The Writer Should Be Knowledgeable

Common sense is not common, folks. An MBA graduate cannot write an essay on the law and commandment neither can an English major write an essay for an engineering student. And likewise, you cannot entrust your essay to just anyone. When hiring a service, you need to be sure that the writer is actually well versed in the subject and not just writing senseless things that can make you end up with a nightmarish ‘F’.

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  • Ask for a Sample Paper

It is pretty smart to have trust issues with an essay writing service. Better that, than a bleak future. If you keep your trust level low and ask the service to show you some sample papers before handing over your valuable grades to them, then it can definitely save you from waiting tables for the rest of your life.


  • Test Drive

You don’t have to try an essay service with a very crucial assignment. You can test the waters earlier on by giving them something a little less important to write. You can even test the service by giving them widely different topics and subjects to write about in order to see if the right people are writing each one of them or not. If the content is well researched and written as well as you got some good grades on it, then you can count on them to write your essay.

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  • Plagiarism

If you wanted a plagiarized paper, you would have done it yourself. You would not pay someone else to do it, right? Then make sure the service you are hiring guarantees authenticity, and has passed the paper through a plagiarism checker before delivering it to you. And also, talk about return policies and money back guarantees, in case, it isn’t.

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  • Talk about Costs

Writing services make a good impression with their samples and templates, but that’s not the whole story. When you are talking about costs, ask what is and isn’t included in it. Will they format, edit, and proofread the essay or will that part of the job fall back on you? Moreover, what if you don’t like what they have written? Could you have it rewritten?

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If you play your cards right and test the essay service in every way possible, then there’s a high chance of you looking at lots of A’s in the foreseeable future.

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