The Maid of Honor Speech That Is Impressive for Everyone at a Wedding

It may happen that you need to write not only speeches for school, college or university but for many other events. For example, you are invited to a wedding. And if you are too close to a newly married couple, you are likely to pronounce a speech in front of all guests. Moreover, if you’re a maid of honor, your speech should be impressive. What makes any speech spectacular? Right, a preparatory stage. You shouldn’t neglect the preliminaries to public speaking even if only your relatives are around.

Writing a speech for weddings isn’t so easy as it may seem even if you’re writing for a sister or close friend. On the face of it, each wedding speech appears to set several tones of speaking – solemn, warm, cordial, dramatic, affectionate. This article is a source for your inspiration to write your own maid of honor speech that could move heart really. The valuable point that you’ll find in this article is a well-written speech besides the speech-writing guide. Follow it and shine during a wedding ceremony!

What Is a Maid of Honor Speech? – Look at the Written Speech!

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A maid of honor speech is a text serving the purpose of expression of the warm feelings about the new family which is about to start the new journey in life. It is both the honor and the responsibility that has to be taken seriously. Moreover, it is necessary to use proper lexis and grammar to stress out the most important moments of relationships between young people. The maid of honor speech is basically a toast which aimed to disclose positive memories about the bride to friends and family. The exemplary maid of honor speech sample supposed to help to structure the possible ideas and memories into the well-organized text that will be appropriate for such a pleasant and memorable occasion.

“Dear guests,
The bride and I have known each other for the whole life. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jane, and my sister today is the happiest woman in the world because she has tightened the family knot with the man of her dreams.

You have probably noticed how bright and warm this room became when she smiles at me. She had this habit since we were kids. Whenever it was raining outside or dark thoughts have burdened my mind she always knew what and when to say to brighten up my life and bring joy to the people around her. I also remember when we were little and I hurt my knee, she told me a joke and instead of crying, I was laughing and slowly forgetting about my pain.

Her ability or gift has become a magnet that attracted her husband right on the day when they first met each other. I remember it as if it was yesterday. She was shining like a sun when she got back from their first date. Even though it was raining for the whole day, it did not stop her from going out with the guy. That is how we all knew – she met him, the one and the only. And the groom did not disappoint us at any point. As a sister, I have been rather cautious towards Mark. However, he has convinced me of being one of the most positive, honest, and open-minded people I know. For that reason I am sure that no one but Mark is able to care for my sister, to love her, and always keep her as happy as she is now.

Today is indeed a memorable and emotional day for us all that is why I would like to wish that your family life was a full cup and your love would grow stronger every day. I believe that when people love each other, nothing can keep them apart because love is friendship filled with loyalty through good and bad times, and settles for less than perfection. It creates allowances for human weaknesses bringing two souls together. So let your deep soulful union stay closely connected for a lifetime.

Cheers to the happy couple!”


What Makes My Speech Stand out? – This Maid of Honor Speech Guide

After reading the maid of honor speech above, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve decided to point out all the practical tips on how to deliver the perfect maid of honor speech – here’s what they came up with…

● Don’t Panic in Any Case

The first obligatory step is not to worry too much either before writing or making a speech. The truth is that everyone expects to hear a relaxed speech from you instead of listening to your nervous voice – your voice can be touched only with emotion. What contributes to the stress-free state during the speech-writing process? Favorite music that you probably like listening together with a fiancee, a place where you are used to spending time together or looking over pictures taken together. It is a good idea to recollect all the pleasant memories that can direct you to write a touching speech instead of worrying, “Oh my word, how to write this speech?” or “I can’t write my maid of honor speech”. You have surely what to say. It’s another matter how to say it. It is worth to practice several times before delivering a speech for an audience (it is a golden rule for all speeches).

As for speaking itself, you shouldn’t be nervous as well. Keep calm and try to pronounce each word clearly and distinctly so that everyone could hear you. What can help you be at ease? It’s almost impossible to feel ease if various thoughts are passing through you – “How do I look?”, “Is everyone listening to me?”, “Is my speech good?”, etc. So your task is to avoid all these thoughts and focus on what you’re going to speak. If you feel the lack of confidence, follow these 8 tips to boost self confidence.

● Know What to Say and in What Order

Your speech should follow the basic structure – an introduction, body, and conclusion. Start your speech with welcoming the guests – thank everyone who contributed to organizing this nice wedding. There’s no need to thank absolutely everyone – that’s the bride and the groom’s job. Just say that you’re happy to be the part of this special day. In the main part, pay a heartfelt welcome to the newly-weds ensuring there are tight bonds between you – tell a funny story occurred to you or your favorite anecdote you like telling each other or bring back fond mutual memories. Don’t forget to convey your happiness in getting to know this couple for a long time or, to the contrary, say that a short period of time allowed to get familiar with such good people and you hope to pass these strong ties of friendship for years. In conclusion, you may offer some advice to the newlyweds – though keep this part light-hearted. The closing part should be a toast to the bride and groom. Traditionally, most wish ‘health and happiness’, but be creative saying something more meaningful and personal to the couple.

● Practice Your Speech Before the Big Day

Think that after putting a full point you finish this daunting operation to have a speech ready? Don’t think so as you will need to deliver it effectively. Well-Delivered speech is possible only if it is practiced in advance. Having a piece of paper in hands to read speech content isn’t a good idea at all! How often do you listen to people reading their speeches? Watch the speech of Oprah Winfrey or any other famous speakers.

As an alternative, you can use a spark note in which you can find the speech outline and its main points. For example, having a written speech in hands sets the mind of most people at rest. Maybe, it will help you as well. But there can be no dispute that a proper speech practice will be of great assistance to you. Firstly, read it out. Secondly, speak it aloud. Thirdly, bring the way of speaking to perfection by gestures, pauses and eye contact. Be sure you’ll become more confident during the speech at the wedding.

5 Points to Consider While Making a Speech

  1. Who is going to speak immediately before you? In this happy day, most desired people are found to say something pleasant to the new teddies. You should get to know who is before you so that it won’t be a surprise for you to speak at that moment.
  2. How is the speech finished? This helps plan a logical introduction referencing what is said previously.
  3. Are speakers introduced before speaking? If it is a numerous event, it is difficult to memorize every one. For that reason, you may not be named. It is better to do it at the beginning of your speech.
  4. What is the average length of speeches? If all speeches are short, but you intend to make a quite long speech, it will look strange a little bit and vice versa. Stick to the happy medium.
  5. How are you going to speak? It is referred to your position – you may stand up near your seating or move closer who you’re going to speak to. Over again, pay attention to the rest of the guests.

Occasionally, the content of wedding speeches can vary. However, if you want to avoid a disaster on the big day, follow our speech guide or apply for our help with speech writing.

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