3 Ideas to Dedicate ‘My Last Day at College’ Speech To

graduation girlThe last day at college… What is it for many students? It’s a very exciting and bittersweet day at the same time. As a rule, the last day at college is full of farewell speeches, and memories. In fact, any type of memories is available during this day – warm, nostalgic, sweet, precious, etc.

Let’s focus on the most memorable moments that you can experience during the last day at your college. Have a camera device ready to use beforehand to manage to capture them for your photo album “My Last Day at College”.

1. My Last College Day Ceremony

“Four years at college are over, and now your are Bachelors of Arts in … . Ether successes or failures are observed on your college path. We all were glad to share both experiences and tried to do our best to direct all of you towards the remarkable success. Despite the end of your studying at college, your life has a new beginning… .”

These common ceremonial speeches are pronounced by deans all over the world. You aren’t the first or the last student who graduates from a college. The graduation ceremony is one of the biggest and best events at a college when thousands of students realize that the dream of earning a college diploma has come true. Of course, you may feel nervous, excited, a little bit sorrowful and gladsome at the same time. Asked to say several words at the stage? Don’t worry! You have 25 humorous and inspirational graduation quotes to use in your own speech. Alternatively, you can watch the funny graduation speech to see how it can work for yourself. Don’t forget to be humorous during the last day at a college like in the following video:

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Usually, graduates hire a photographer to take pictures of the graduation ceremony. So, if you have this opportunity, make use of it favorably. You may recollect the moments when you met your good friends for the first time, the library where you’ve spent much time to write a research paper, the classrooms in which you’ve been studying hard, the places where you’ve enjoyed all-right parties with your friends.

After the ceremony is finished, all the speeches are delivered, you can offer your groupmates/friends to take photos in the abovementioned places. These pictures will warm the cockles of your heart when you get grey. Alternatively, new excellent posts will appear on your Instagram account. Sounds brilliant?
last college day

2. My Last College Day Celebration

The time, when all the lectures, pieces of training, examinations, classes, seminars are over, has come to you. Happy to hear this news? Today is the time for the last speeches, expressing regret and gratitude, spending last hours together with educators and group mates, celebrating this prominent event and saying goodbye to each other. Celebrate this day!

Start with the last lecture devoted, for example, to critical thinking skills and the ability to generate innovative ideas. It is the last lecture in your college life. Many students listen more carefully than ever before, feel a variety of emotions and nearly lost in their thoughts. How fast is this life!

After a solemn diploma ceremony, which may be quite official, with orchestra and multiple speeches, don’t forget to thank all your teachers and apologize to them for some mistakes. They can recollect some funny incidents with you at the lessons, your first progress in the studies. They’ll surely wish you success and the best possible future. You’ll look serious in your graduation hats and robes. Take a lot of photographs in order to memorize this day and ceremony in detail.

3. My Last College Graduation Party

After the graduation ceremony, you are likely to have a farewell party. It is a really great event for college graduates! All of your coursemates are glorious, in good spirit, alert with hope for the future and glad to spend some time together. Right? Then, make this day more memorable as you don’t have the chance to celebrate a graduate every day. Take into consideration the 17 ideas for an amazing college graduation party to celebrate the accomplishments of your young adult. With a great party plan, you will be on your way to creating memories that will last forever:

“We danced on the lawn and sang some of our favorite songs. We had so much fun! We had such a great time together, enjoying outdoor games, music, and incredible weather. But the most important for me was to spend this time with my dear friends, to hug them and to talk to them. And we also recalled our college times.” – it is one of the memories that flood back to you. In the meantime, you can refresh your college memories with the help of the game “Who I Am?”. The rules are quite simple to play and have fun at a party: every participant writes down a name and a college memory he/she wants to share with the others, all pieces of paper are mixed up, then one of them is read aloud to guess who wrote the memory.

You can bring back fond memories like:

  • The first day at a college: “I remember the day I arrived at the campus. I felt a little bit uneasy and proud because of the beginning of my new adult life”.
  • Studying at a college: “It was not a piece of cake at the beginning. I spent several hours a day at the library, but then made some progress and learned to take new information faster”.
  • The day when you get acquainted with your best friends: “I remember the days when I met my friends, Anna and Sophia, the parties we had at the weekends, our secrets, first love, and dates”.

There are a lot of things to talk about. The last day at college is worth to be remembered as well. This is the time when you are happy that the college studying period is over, and you’re facing a new period of life. Keep in mind that every period of life can be simplified if it is too tough. For example, your college life would have been easier if you had applied the help of qualified specialists in academic writing. Just think about this opportunity.

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