3 Video-Ideas of Funny School Speeches That Bring Value

Life is not always funny, especially the student life. Right? However, you can laugh in different situations while being a student, for example, with your friends or professors. Yes, there are those tutors who apply “the funny lecturer” strategy to construct friendly relationships with students. Did you know that we are about 30 times more likely to laugh when we are with our friends or just in a company with other people? According to Robert R. Provine’s scientific study on laughter, that’s really true because laughter is a social signal. Moreover, it is notorious that you can get some health benefits of laughter. At this point, there is no reason not to laugh.
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Asking yourself, “What to do with my assignments at school?” Should you laugh when you want to cry over them? We’re sure that it isn’t any way out at all. Go on working on them by adding fun and humor to your essays and speeches. Make them more amusing and, as it appears, make people healthier. Additionally, you will notice that it will be more interesting to complete an assignment that is humorous and simpler to present it in front of the audience as a laughter; isn’t it a good way to break the ice.
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Let’s watch some funny school speeches that will prove our theory and help see how the above-mentioned tips can be applied in practice.

1. A Cool School Speech “Hot Dogs Are Dangerous!”

This guy talks about serious issues like the low quality of sausages, harmful additives, and possible consequences of eating processed meat products. It is interesting to listen to this speech because of many reasons:

  • The lively speaker is interested in delivering a speech on a hot topic – “Healthy Eating”;
  • The speech content is well-prepared in advance;
  • The effective speech delivery techniques are used to present a topic in front of many people and persuade them at the same time.

Did you notice a funny component in the given speech? Humor really works well even in relation to serious issues. It doesn’t diminish the importance of the topic. On the contrary, a speaker manages to promote a healthy lifestyle in a persuasive way. He uses great comparisons like in the sentence, “What if I told you that next time you eat a hot dog, you might be eating a part of a rat as well?” Besides, some hilarious comments and vivid examples of the consequences of consuming hot dogs make the listeners let out a chuckle over themselves.

2. A Persuasive School Speech “Vikings Rock!”

Running for the president of a senior class? Do it as this guy does. A well-prepared/delivered speech is a success factor. What does it involve? Look!

    • A well-structured speech. With a good speech structure, there are fewer chances to veer off the topic. Focus more on the content of the speech body.

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  • A hook. It is essential to keep the audience’s attention throughout your speech. You can follow one of 12 ways to hook an audience in 30 seconds.
  • The right tone of speaking. You should understand thoroughly who is your target audience and what they want to hear from you. In this case, a speaker is able to meet the expectations of his listeners: he explains clearly why he is a potential presidential candidate.
  • A strong end of the speech. Usually, it happens that it is difficult to recollect what the speech focus is about. For that reason, every speaker needs to end up with a strong end, whether it’s a call to action or a summary of the main points.

This speaker manges to tackle the task to the maximum (we hope he eventually got elected). He doesn’t lack self-confidence while speaking. Look at him again. When he is speaking about his smartness and tells people about his interests (Vikings are cool!). It is important to say something ridiculous as if you’re absolutely serious. What do you need to win the leadership election? Right, there should be an effective persuasive speech at hand!

3. An Unusual Speech of a Lecturer “Bees Are Scary”

Unfortunately, most public speakers neglect the performance skills that can engage and move the audience. Instead of using these skills, they tend to gather a lot of information and organize the content. Indeed, it isn’t bad. At the same time, we need to emphasize the need to use the acting techniques to make your speeches fresh, powerful, and memorable.

Using the acting skills and visualization of some speech elements is a great idea while comparing or presenting some concepts. This speaker tries out this way of the speech presentation while discussing bees and their job duties. Why not try out the funny way of speaking yourself? You may seem comic, but if you want your speech to be funny, that’s exactly what you need. Imitating a bee? Checked. Drawing funny pictures to demonstrate your examples? Checked. Showing the technique of how bees fly? Double checked!

Public speaking causes the fear in many speakers. However, knowing that you have a great funny speech to deliver alleviates the speaking anxiety. Look at the funny school speech examples and get inspired! Then take into consideration the complete guide on a humorous speech in which you’ll find 10 ways how to add humor to your speech, plus a free ebook. Something hilarious and effective will certainly come out of it. ☺

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