Technical Topic List

Choosing the right subject for the assignment is both an important and difficult exercise, hence the technical topic list should provide valuable aid in the task at hand. Firstly, one may experience anxious feelings when trying to decide on the theme of the study, especially in the fields of technical industries. The modern world is filled with technological appliances and devices. Today it is difficult to imagine day-to-day life without all the conveniences that technologies provide. As a result, technology has basically entered all spheres of life, which means that the concept of a technical report or case study can concern a vast number of subjects. Therefore, one would suggest reviewing the technical topic list to form a better understanding of the relevant technical study subjects.

In order to begin with choosing the correct topic, one should first establish a clear understanding of the sphere or industry targeted for study. While technology is a wide discipline, it concerns multiple engineering sub-disciplines and technical sciences. Therefore, one should at least have an idea which discipline directly relates to the assignment and course of study. Tutors usually try to help students by pointing them in the correct direction and provide a list of possible topics.

However, sometimes students are given the freedom to choose and decide the subject of technical study on their own. Therefore, one should not dwell too far away from the main course discipline of the assignment. Whether it is computer sciences, engineering, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, or any other technical science, the topic of the research should relate to the course of study. As a result, when the course of study is specifically determined, one would be able to decide on the subject, which could be similar to the examples provided in the list below.

    • The Role of Mobile Phones in Day-to-day Life (Communication Technology);

This study could focus on how the use of mobile technology and applications have changed and enhanced life on the every-day basis.

    • The Self-driving Car: The Future of the Automobile Industry (Engineering);

The case should put an emphasis on the current developments of self-driving cars, specifically using the example of Google-cars.

    • Global Positioning System: A Conveniences That Saves Lives (Geography, Computer Science);

The topic should reveal how GPS technology works and how rescue crews use it to locate lost tourists in woods and mountains.

    • Stem Cells Help Defeat Cancer: Ethics Vs. Reason (Biology, Medicine, Ethics);

The research would focus on how the latest technological developments in stem cells allow fighting cancer while also revealing how ethical biases stagnate further development.

    • Recycling: How One Can Does Matter (Ecology, Chemistry, Biology, Social Sciences);

The topic is about the negative effects of landfills and how recycling helps not only to reduce those effects but can actually provide benefit to both the economy and society in general.

    • Online Marketing: The Decline of the Retail Shopping (Marketing, Business Technologies);

The study should focus on how the consumers have shifted their emphasis from retail stores to online shopping over the last few decades.

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