Thesis Topics in Public Administration

Public administration refers to the implementation of various government policies. In addition, it is an academic discipline that studies the process of its implementation. In fact, public administration relates to all spheres of social life; thus, there is a wide range of thesis topics in public administration. However, one should always bear in mind that any thesis topic in public administration should be relevant and it is necessary to have enough data to support one’s conclusions.

Put the main question – “Will I be able to do my thesis on this topic or not?” Below, we’ve tried to explain to you what thesis topics in public administration are worthy of your attention.

One of the most arguable topic for a thesis in public administration would be administrative reforms. One may write about the influence of reforms on the society. It could be a very interesting topic, especially in those countries where reforms are the necessary tool for the improvement of people’s well-being.

Another topic of a thesis, which will be of particular interest, is bureaucracy. Recently, this word has acquired some negative connotations of the meaning; thus, it will be necessary to study its impact on the public. In the research, one may propose a solution to bureaucracy as an obstacle to business development.

A researcher can also write a thesis on the topic of net neutrality, which is especially relevant in the modern world. Net neutrality is a great political problem because, in this case, the government is unable to control what people watch and listen to. In a thesis, one may describe the origins of the problem, the institutions that are eligible to deal with it, and offer the possible solutions to the problem.

In addition, a specialist in public administration can base his/her research on educational policy. It would be suggested to compare different educational laws in various states, analyze them, and give a piece of advice on what one can borrow from this or that law. For instance, a researcher can investigate the school accountability in the various countries. They can also discuss how this or that law improved the educational system.

Another complicated topic for a thesis would be an analysis of policy’s influence on the national welfare. People are influenced by both, formal and informal organizations. A researcher can analyze and compare the different methods they use working with people. Besides, a specialist in public administration may also provide some suggestions on how to improve the laws that regulate social life.

Not less important issue nowadays is drug abuse. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year due to an overdose of drugs. It is the government that should control this process and policies recently have changed substantially. Nowadays, many countries legalize some drugs, such as marijuana. Thus, researcher may discuss the positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon.

Immigration also falls under the scope of public administration. Furthermore, the United States of America is a country created by immigrants. Most of them come to the U.S. to improve their living and working conditions. Thus, the host country should be able to provide them with everything they need, which is the primary task of public administration. Indeed, immigration is associated with many problems, and researchers that are working in this field can offer their solutions to the problem.

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