The Speech on Community Service That Had Success in the Audience

speech guideA speech on community service is the discourse on volunteers and their work. The speech contains the information about what the community service is and who can provide it today. Despite the fact that it is an altruistic activity undertaken by an individual or group of people for no financial or social award, it requires a lot. Most of them say, “I just want to work for the benefit of the entire mankind”. So, your speech on the community service should address all potential volunteers that are sitting in the audience where you deliver a speech.

This guide will help you to make a speech on the community service so that it will have some impressive results for your academic performance. Moreover, you can gain the trust of your listeners. Who knows? Maybe, someone willing to volunteer will be found in the audience and after listening to your speech, the list of volunteers will be extended.

Why Is Community Service Important for Students?

Everyone dreams about the best place to live in. It is our planet inhabited by many people. Just think for a minute of the current world population – 7+ billions of people. There must be those who are in need of help, be it financial, moral or medical. For that reason, there is a community which you can join to help others. Many centers rely entirely on voluntary help. Thinking about the same way of helping others while being a student? In fact, despite the fact that you don’t get any reward for doing it, you can develop many real-life skills:

  • Leadership;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Effective time management;
  • Interpersonal communication;
  • Close collaboration with different people, etc.

Is the question “Why is community service important?” answered? If not, read this useful article. Additionally, you’ll observe some strong arguments for your speech to win over your listeners. As you understand, it is important to read the additional material before start writing a speech.

Who Can Provide Community Service?

Everyone somehow affects the world around us. People vote for various presidents, chosen leaders, and bosses, and sometimes they become the leaders themselves. However, some people want to change the world without touching politics. These people are a part of the community service. They help orphanages and schools, they become volunteers for various events and make donations to help the world become better. Still, as though it may sound great, the volunteering is the hard labor and almost everyday work. In order to understand whether you are ready to be a part of a community service or not you should know what it is.

To start with, the most preferable way of joining the community service is by becoming an activist. Activists are volunteers who spend several days a week helping homeless animals or the elderly. It is better to start the career of the community service by working as an activist. Volunteers always work in teams and they have a leader. The mentor helps beginners to get started. He/she finds a place which needs the help of volunteers and explains what should be done. In addition, he/she is a good psychologist and helps subordinates develop their talents. Thereby, if you started your career as an activist, talk to your mentor about what you enjoy about this work and what you know how to do well.

The second stage at a community service is a leader. First of all, it should be said that the chief of volunteers not only helps his/her team but also develops his/her own idea of a better world. It is difficult but possible to begin the career from this position. Nonetheless, you will get along better with the team if you try to spend some time as an activist.

The third part of a community service is a Maecenas. This is a great type of activities for you if you have the resources and want to help those in need without your own work. Thereby, a rich man, who has no time for volunteering and has no idea about the mechanisms of volunteering, may choose the idea of one of the community leaders and help with its implementation.

In conclusion, there are many ways to change the world for the better. The community service is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways. The most important thing is to find your business and not to forget about it. In order to help the needy, it is not necessary to be rich or to spend a lot of time. To begin to help, a person should define his/her purposes, capabilities, and skills. In that case, the task of improving the world would become much easier.

How to Make a Speech on Community Service Successful? – Just 3 Steps!

In the following part of the article, you go over each step of how to plan and write your essay on community service. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what the reader, especially your instructor, is looking for when he/she reviews your essay.

Step 1. Establish a Specific Purpose of Speaking

There are three general speech purposes that public speaking falls into: to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. What is yours? Probably, you’d like to persuade your audience to volunteer in the community. Think of this point before writing anything on paper.

Step 2. Create a Thesis Statement

You can’t go further without a well-developed thesis statement. Focus on the purpose of speaking and come up with a valid thesis statement. If we take into consideration the following purpose “to persuade your audience to volunteer in the community”, you should state that “Volunteering in the community or providing any community service will help those around you and help you feel like you contribute something positive to this world.”

Step 3. Organize Your Speech Logically

  • Introduction where you are supposed to introduce the topic to the listeners, get their attention and prove the importance of community service in the modern world. How to do all that? To catch the audience’s interest to listen to you, you can ask them, “Has anyone ever helped you when you were in need? How did you feel?” Be sure you’ll make them engaged in your speech. Read the article on how you can benefit from asking questions while speaking in public.
  • Body where you need to point out the main idea(s) with the supporting details. In other words, you say, for example, “Today many people living on incomes below the poverty line have significant needs that are to be addressed”. Then you can provide the consequences of the given situation. For example, identify the crime rate in the country/city/district you are speaking about, which will be quite surprising for your audience.
  • Conclusion where you produce a base for taking the necessary actions to solve some of the problems mentioned in the main part. You can say, “If we all agreed to volunteer at least once a month to help out those who are in need, many of the problems could be alleviated. Moreover, we’ll benefit from it as well if some poverty issues start disappearing in our city/district. Then they can be eliminated in the whole country. Let’s do today so that our country and the world, in general, will have fewer problems to deal with!” As you see, the ‘call-to-action’ technique applied in your speech conclusion will play into your hands.

Persuaded that there is nothing complex in writing a speech? All you need are reliable sources of information to refer to in your speech. Plus, our guide can direct you correctly. Don’t neglect it! Finally, you can take part in a quiz to check if you are well-versed in public speaking. After finishing writing your speech, you are left to rehearse it accordingly. Don’t be afraid of anything if you prepare in advance! You can also be confident in your success in public speaking, if you ask our experts, “write my speech”.

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