13 Gifs That Represent Situations You May Face in Search of Jobs

While giving yourself fully to the search of jobs, every person faces a great number of issues. However, no one says that it is bad, as it is the experience that helps a lot. Looking for your place under the sun can lead you to so many situations, and here are some of them.

1. A General Job Description

Jobs that do not clarify anything are exhausting. You are not sure exactly what you will be required to do, and you are also left wondering what strengths of yours you should mention and what parts you should leave out; a truly confusing moment for the entire student fraternity.

 holly dance moms gif

2. Networking Problems

If you are not expanding your network, you are not going to get a job anytime soon. As your Facebook friends list is growing, it is high time for you to make some efforts and to make your LinkedIn friends list grow exponentially as well.

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3. Social Networks Help

Social networks, such as LinkedIn, are a great way to make your reach broader. You will get a better chance to find a job of your dream in this way.

awkward gif

4. You Just Leave the Resume Online

You should not expect the employers to find you. Sure, your resume must be fantastic, but you have to make some efforts while searching for a job, and send out your CV on different positions that seem interesting to you.

 simon amstell i don t know

5. You Can’t Answer “Why You?”

Who likes being questioned, “why he/she deserves a job?” – No one! “I need to buy food to stay alive, so that, I can’t continue being a pain in everyone’s butt!”

intj problem

6. You Are Discouraged by Bill Gates’ Salary

Every big thing starts out of a small one. Do not feel insignificant; you have just started!

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7. Étiquettes

Sometimes, people think that there is no need to get ready for the interview and when it happens, they regret this. Dress to impress applies here!

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8. Rules Do Apply

Everything needs preparation, no matter how smart you are. The same goes for your job interview. Mull over the information that you are going to discuss with the interviewer.

 interview with the vampire quotes

9. Bad Strategy

Plan your moves, do not just wing them. Pay attention to every single detail because everything counts.

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10. Introductory Speech

When at networking events, do not hesitate to be your best self. Be confident, be yourself, and send the compelling message.

 steve jobs the man in the machine 2015

11. Don’t be too Self Focused

A good strategy is to focus on everything, which includes not being afraid of meeting and greeting new people.

 ron burgundy i look good

12. Brush Up on Your Social Skills

A job interview is also about making an impact; think about making a good impression, as if you are making a new friend.

 bbc life

13. If You Are only Beginning

Do not forget that there is always someone worse than you are, and there is always someone better than you are as well. So, do not be afraid of making a mistake.

 soy diamond respetame

Remember, that if you do nothing to get a good job, there is no chance that it will come to you one day with a proposal. Always do your best, attending job interviews are also some practice that helps you sharpen your communication skills.

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