5 Research Paper Topics in Computer Science that Formed the Basis for Cool Movies

We all know many of the movies we drool over have been based on some of the books. Perhaps you didn’t give them a shot before, fast forwarding the enjoyment by preferring the movies instead? Whatever the case, books aren’t the only type of literature which inspired some of the brainy people to incorporate ideas and plots into movies. Research papers have some credit too.

And that is exactly the case with some of the research paper topics in computer science that not only took the Internet by storm but also inspired movie plots. The reason? Because not all the academic papers sink into the gloomy world of oblivion; rather, some of them set off on their remarkable journeys to be known to the world by turning into super cool movies.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (I Robot, Ex-Machina)

If you have been mesmerized by the groundbreaking experiment of a humanoid and the awe-inspiring capabilities it possessed in Ex-Machina, or if you have thoroughly enjoyed the transition of robotics in I Robot, then bear in mind it wasn’t out of nowhere. Defying death and engaging in the art of perfectionism, these movies have been inspired by the concept of artificial intelligence and robotics presented in some of the popular research papers.


2. Internet Privacy (Algorithm, Blackhat)

The constant thrill accompanied by the fear of losing the most valuable of information online is common nowadays. That’s why Blackhat and Algorithm were sure to set everyone’s expectations soaring when it came to the extent when any information could be hacked. This was thanks to a wonderfully complex research paper topic which made its point with such ardor.

internet privacy

3. Social Interaction Online (The Social Network, We Live in Public)

Have you ever tried to recall life prior to the social media sites revolutionizing normal life? The Social Network and We Live in Public are movies based on computer science research paper topics which have opened many doors of social interactions into a virtual world.

social interaction

4. Virtual Reality (Matrix, Gamer)

The 1999 movie Matrix had taken us all by surprise with the revolutionary ideas about virtual reality, strange appearances, and brutal wars with intelligence to preserve humanity. Gamer has been a one of its kind movie too, with a person’s every move controlled by a gaming champ. These movies too, which have given birth to many more ideas, have been the brainchild of research papers.

virtual reality

5. Operating System Artificial Intelligence (Her, Siri)

If watching ‘Her’ has given your relationship goals a new dimension than that movie has been a success in planting novel ideas in people failing at relations. We witnessed how deep a connection can a human form with an artificially intelligent OS, for better or for worse, all thanks to amazing research in computer science.

artificial intelligence

The history of computer has been replete with breakthrough inventions thanks to the constant drive for conducting researches that bring forth novel ideas with passing time. Keep your fingers crossed for more amazing stuff to watch in the form of movies and write research papers, and who knows? Maybe the next film will be based on your academic paper!

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