20 Funny Speech Topics on the Most Important Issues

If you get a speech as an assignment at college, you usually have to create it using a topic that will interest the audience, be up-to-date and connected with some important (global) issue. Why? Well, there has to be someone who will listen to your presentation (without falling asleep), and while preparing the task, you have to find out more about the issue to raise the awareness of yours and others. Phewww, the task doesn’t sound easy. But don’t worry, we will help you with it.

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The most popular topics for academic assignments include deforestation, global warming, crime, education, time management, student sleep deprivation, etc. The thing is that each of them you can turn into a funny subject for a speech. Why would you do that? Because there will be enough students who will create serious (and boring) presentations that will make your colleagues yawn. And if you want to stand out from the crowd and get remembered, we offer you to take one of the significant topics and explore its funny aspect. How? Have a look at our 20 funny speech topics and follow our examples.

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  1. Bidet as a Modern Means to Save Forests: Say No to Toilet Paper!
  2. Tongue Prints – a More Trustworthy Way of Identifying People Than Fingerprints
  3. How to Learn to Control Adrenaline Rush While Watching Horror Movies
  4. Reasons to Include Video Gaming into the School Program
  5. The Relationship between Children and Their Parents on Facebook
  6. The Most Embarrassing Moment in My Life That Gave Me Valuable Lessons
  7. uh oh

  8. How Not to Take the Bait of Steve Jobs and Drop out of College
  9. American Criminals with the Lowest IQ Level
  10. How to Save Your Precious Student Time with Frozen Dinners
  11. How to Laugh at the Face of Stereotypes
  12. Legalization of Marijuana: Positive Effects of the Drug on Student’s Progress
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  14. How to Mess up Your Pension Plan Being Still at College
  15. How Shoes That Don’t Fit You Can Ruin Your Life
  16. The Benefits of Social Networks in Gaining Information
  17. Robots as Potential Best Friends: Dangers and Advantages
  18. How Not to Look like a Zombie During Your Finals
  19. need a cigarette

  20. How to Talk about the Topic “If I Were a Millionaire” without Crying
  21. Your Baby Is Polluting the Planet: The Hidden Reef of Disposable Diapers
  22. Examples from Public Surveillance Cameras that Will Make You Laugh, but Think More about Your Privacy
  23. How to Make Your Real-Life Communication as Advanced as an Online One

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Go through these topics and check out how we bring to light the funny aspect of each subject. It is very easy, but also a bit dangerous because your speech may turn from a hilarious presentation into an offensive or disrespectful talk. Avoid such a case scenario and get a decent grade for an assignment that will be funny to write and amuse your audience. Good luck with that!

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