4 Funny Best Man Speech Examples: Free Ideas to Put Jim Carrey to Shame

Did you know that in Macedonia a best man is responsible for shaving a groom before the wedding? In Zambia, he has to be the host throughout the whole wedding and in Ukraine – pay the ransom when the bride is “kidnapped”.

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In Britain, a best man has to give a short speech. Simple as this tradition may seem, many men can’t handle the task on their own or really stress out before the wedding. And it’s quite understandable – giving a speech in front of people who know you inside out is one hell of a deal. But the best thing you can do is to make your audience laugh. So, here are some funny best man speech examples: free ideas from this compilation will inspire you to do the right thing (hopefully).

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  1. When You Are Too Nervous and Dip a Bill
  2. It is very sweet when a best man is very nervous to give a speech because it means that he is responsible and reliable. He will allot enough time to create a great text to present in front of guests. But when he decides to knock back a few drinks just so his hands don’t tremble, there are two scenarios – he will either have too much and won’t be able to give a speech at all, or turn it into a cute and a bit nervous talk like in the video. If you are lucky enough, you can try this method as well, but be careful.

  3. When Your Creative Flows Are on Board
  4. If you have no idea what to say and your speech draft looks kinda lame, you can always opt for other ways to entertain the public, like this guy (do you think they didn’t show his speech because there wasn’t enough memory on the video camera? Yeah, right). There are many variants of spicing up your talk, just surf the Internet and you’ll find your inspiration.

  5. When You Are a Younger Brother with a Sense of Humor
  6. This is usually how you make people laugh when you are a close friend or sibling in a role of a best man at a wedding – you joke about bromance, tell people how cool and good-looking you have been through all these years of your friendship with a groom, but, then, you turn to those important words that you have always wanted to say to your friend. This is a cool approach that makes people remember your speech.

  7. When You Are a Funny Red-Haired Mate
  8. This best man’s speech contains the majority of the tricks that turn a boring talk into a funny and interesting presentation: making compliments to the bride, telling how you first met the groom and how goofy he looked, mentioning stories from your crazy youth, etc. We bet you can find something alike to share with the audience.
    If you need to write a best man’s speech, it does not necessarily have to be a masterpiece created by Shakespeare. Just look through the examples that we’ve given and check out how people use everyday stories to dress up their talks. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just be yourself, watch some best speeches to get inspired and go ahead!

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