Frankenstein Research Paper: Using Films to Nail an Academic Assignment

Films and movies are almost always associated with fun and entertainment and can never be thought of as something even slightly educational. Sure there are documentaries and historical narratives which can help with research, but here, we are talking about (and this might sound totally crazy) deriving inspiration from movies and films so that you could say, “I’m able to do my research paper!”

Confused yet? Don’t worry as we’ll explain ourselves. All we are saying here is that inspiration comes from all kinds of sources, and movies can serve to be one of the best ones. Writing a Frankenstein research paper can help students produce the most exceptional academic assignments. Allow us to enlighten you as to how movies can serve as an inspiration for your writing. Here you go.

Issues to Cover

As unbelievable as it may sound, movies often make your thinking wheels turning. You may just be sitting there, watching a movie, when the main character suddenly faces a life threatening issue. It makes you thinking, “Does that actually happen in real life?” Most movies cover prevailing issues and give you a splendid idea to write your papers on current issues.



When you are laden with so many tasks, our mind stops working. We usually fail to take some perceptions and arguments of others into account, but those might be quite necessary to make our academic assignments better. Watching movies helps you see things from different points of view, ones that you have never imagined existed. It even helps you come up with a better argument if you are watching a movie closely related to your assignment’s topic.

captain america the first avenger


When we are writing papers regarding some issues, we are expected to provide some answers as well. And though presenting a problem is quite easy, searching for solutions can make you work harder. Lucky for you, you have movies to help you out. No matter what genre of movie it is, there is always a problem and the solution that may come in the most unexpected way.

have no idea

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a common problem among students. Writer’s block can be treated in many ways and without guaranteed results. Yet, one way of getting rid of the block is to get a very nice pep talk. Now you may not know whom to ask for help, but you can always turn to movies and watch the actors give some of the most inspirational speeches. Dead Poet’s Society, for instance, can help you out.

bad hair day


Sometimes you might be writing fictional pieces while on other occasions, you might be writing science research paper. You might have to write down facts, but then, you may have to state your opinion. All these different writing styles are surely going to provide you with a headache. Movies can help you decide on the tone and style. You can see a character using a strange voice and even stranger words and voila, you know how you are going to phrase your words.


Now, you see how watching movies once in a while can be totally inspirational experience? Trust us that watching Godzilla or a zombie apocalypse movie also can help you with handling your work.

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