Allies or Opponents: Relationships with Classmates

building positive relationships in the classroom

People tend to say the college years are the best ones an individual ever has in his or her entire life. It is a great time when you can meet new friends, have breath-taking love affairs, earn his degree and simply enjoy your life.

To say more, the years spent in college are the so-called turn-over phase, when teens are getting ready to enter the adulthood reality. Although college years are associated with many great benefits, there are many students who struggle hard in order to get over the academic hardships. Attending a school they are absolutely frustrated about what is happening around. They have to live on a campus, which means dealing with constant stress. It seems like yesterday they had their own room and today they have to private space. They must share their place with people they have never met before. In other words, they need to somehow reach out to their room and classmates. It turns out that getting to know them can be pretty tiresome and beneficial at the same time. The whole point is that they can create strong friendships that may last till the end of their days! If you don’t want your group mates to turn into opponents, you can follow some simple rules.

Without a doubt, reaching out your classmates can be nerve racking, but we all should believe that good things also happen.

You need to be nice. Just nice. It may seem too simple for you, but for some people it is a hard-to-do task! This world will be a better place if we see that someone dropped something and we pick it up. The college years will be the best time if we help our mates to make it to class, to prepare college report or find the right room.

Make sure to never make fun of your college mates, especially when you’re aware of their delicate stage. If they just broke up with their couple or they are just having a very bad hair day – whatever the matter is, the last thing you have to do is to joke about them!

You need to respect your mates. Sometimes it can be pretty easy to make friends with people, who share your viewpoints and beliefs. But what if you face with the necessity to spend a couple of years in the environment you did not get used too? When we want to build strong relationships with our classmates, we need to respect them and their inner worlds. Asking them where they are from, why they have entered this very educational establishment and the other things will help you to get to know new people and, who knows, maybe form a solid friendship.

Feeling like you are an essential part of the community, no matter what program you’ve chosen, is the best tool for success! Establishing strong relationships with college mates will help you to turn opponents into allies.

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