6 Revealing Definitions of Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are designed to find out if a specific person is able to do a job or is fit for a certain position or not. They have been the bane of existence for students for years. Worrying about your SATs and having nightmares about them is a rite of passage for every student who passes through the education system.

As the name suggests, these tests are required to find the aptitude and abilities of a person. But in reality, all they do is cause hysteria and mass confusion. The most unfortunate thing about them is when you graduate at last and think that they have left your side, BOOM! There they are again to haunt you. Educational institutions are not the only places where you will have to pass these tests, but now many job interviews organize aptitude tests to narrow down the pool of applicants, like it wasn’t hard enough already to find a job in today’s competitive market.

If you know the real meaning behind this accursed word, well and good. But if you don’t, you are one of the lucky few who are still living in the land where unicorns are real. Anyhow, in your case ignorance is bliss.  If you don’t really know the real meaning behind the term aptitude test, you can easily confuse it with something else like:

1. A Test That Tells If You Are Smart or Dumb

As if patronizing teachers and the mounting heaps of assignments and term papers weren’t enough to do that already.


2. An Exam Which In Case Of Failure Doesn’t Let You Enter the College

Who needs college education anyway? It’s not like you are going to get a job after you graduate, so you might as well start thinking about a career in retail.


3. A Set of Silly Questions Designed To Make You Feel Stupid

Like knowing about the American Revolution and the Pythagoras theorem is going to prepare you for important things in life like filing taxes and qualifying for a mortgage.

shocked gif

4. A Test That Checks Your Knowledge of a Code Language

An aptitude test not only tests your patience but also makes you question the number of brain cells that you have.

how to study

It might be about an ancient language. It’s time to finally apply your knowledge of Klingon to ace a test!

5. A Test That Determines Your Suitable Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Is it a sophisticated game of “Love me, Love me not?” You looking at your crush like

enamored glance

Might this be the answer to all your relationship problems? If you are not familiar with the true purpose of aptitude tests, this can be a good possibility.

6. A Test of Your Cell Phone Apps Knowledge

Thank god! A test that you can actually pass! Because you always find time to check out the trending cell phone apps, and to update the existing ones on your cell phone. Your evening basically looks like

simpsons couch gag

If you are unfamiliar with the true purpose of an aptitude test, you might think it has something to do with the abovementioned things. Because anything is better than thinking that it can define your future and that your success or failure depends on it.

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