10 Most Affordable Colleges in the US to Build Your Future

Life offers you endless possibilities, and with them monstrous responsibilities like mortgages, taxes and loans. However, there is one thing that you can avoid if you choose to study in the following most affordable colleges in the U.S., and this is a student loan. If your face usually looks like,

aint even mad

when someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, you will be in serious need of this list!

1. United States Naval Academy in Annapolis

If you are looking forward to the Armageddon or the Four Horsemen of Death, because that might be the only way you will ever be able to repay the preposterous amounts of student loans, this should be your first choice. With no tuition fee, you can breeze through life like

nigel thornberr

2. United States Military Academy in West Point

Does your face looks like this, when you think about a student debt?

monochrome photography

Get yourself out of that misery by choosing this college, which also has no tuition fee.

3. SUNY Maritime College (State University of New York)

After you graduate, you will experience freedom, happiness and surreal independence, which are all boons of adulthood. However, the reality of responsibilities will dawn on you and you will realize that all the money you have will go directly to pay your loans and you will be like

hunger games crying gif

Choose this college, which only has a tuition fee of $5,870. Good news is you will graduate without praying for a zombie apocalypse to help you get rid of your student loans.

4. United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs

Who doesn’t like free stuff? And we are not talking about free donuts or brownies here. We are playing a high stake game over here. Get rid of student loans and attending expensive schools by choosing the U.S. Air Force Academy, which has no fees. Yes, you heard that right! NO FEES.

chris brown zero lyrics

5. Colorado School of Mines

That moment when you pay off your last student loan payment

barney stinson and robin scherbatsky

Do you want to feel like that before you are 40? Consider this option for an affordable college with just a small fee of $14,400.

6. Georgia Institute of Technology

If you think that “Dear Student Loan Recipient” sounds like a glorified slave name, you are not alone. We think that too. To save yourself from that faith, consider enrolling into this college, with just a tuition fee of $8,258, to avoid faking your own death and spending the rest of your life on a deserted island like

star wars jurassic park

7. University of California in Berkeley

If you are not a Lannister, then there is little chance you will be able to pay your debts. Don’t miss the chance to study at this college, by just paying a tuition fee of $12,864. At the end of your educational journey, you will be happy that it ended like this.


8. Missouri University of Science and Technology

If you don’t choose an affordable college, then your “Forever Alone” can quickly transform into “Forever A Loan”.

 jared leto and natasha remarchuk

But, with a tuition fee of just $7,946, this college is an ideal choice for someone with a knack for the tech field.

9. Massachusetts Maritime Academy

When Gotye’s “Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used to Know” automatically translates to “Now You’re Just Money That I Used to Own” in your mind, then you need a college like this one, which has a fee of just $1,465. Now you can wave hungry financial institutions away like

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10. South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

What if someone told you that colleges are a trap to bind you into servitude to the government, until you can pay off your student loans? Distance yourself from crazy conspiracy theories and fears by considering this amazing college, with a tuition fee of just $8,240. You will be able to pay off your student loans before you look like


Use this list of the most affordable colleges to choose a really happy college life without fearing for your future. Good luck you with that!

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