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According to the American religious landscape study, 70.6% of Americans identify themselves with Christians, 20.8% – with Catholics, and others. What does it mean? These numbers prove the fact that most people show respect and love for a god. The analysis of Pew Research Center divides people according to their religious and spiritual beliefs, how actively they practice their faith, the value they place on their religion. You can take a religious typology quiz as well if it interests you. Some people can show their love to God praying in a church or honoring God’s name in religious communities. Some believe that if they do some good things, they demonstrate true worship to God. It is that exactly expressed in the following sayings:

  • Service to man is service to god;
  • The hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray;
  • The gist of all worship is to be pure and to do well to others, etc.

Once, you can be asked to speak on this topic. Let’s do it together based on a good example of the speech on the topic “Service to Man Is Service to God” and some practical tips on how to deliver a speech in public effectively. Read this article to the end to get well-equipped for public speaking!

What Is the Speech “Service to Man Is Service to God” about?

To write a speech on “Service to Man Is Service to God”, you should reflect on the necessity of doing services to others as the most rewarding action to be completed. Such speeches are usually presented by people who are faithful and belong to a certain religion. But if you find the same necessity relevant for all humans regardless of religious affiliation, it is worth to speak on the given topic. It should not only reflect on the necessity of helping others but also include certain dogmas that support the notion of the need to assist surrounding people as a sign of loyalty and devotion to God.

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A speech on “Service to Man Is a Service to God” should be structured in accordance with the basic principles or guiding rules of writing a speech. The following example of the speech suggests a possible way of writing a speech on the identified topic in a proper way.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

What does each of you put in the word ‘faith’? Is it only your approach to religion as being the essential truth? Do you see faith as the guiding rule of your everyday decisions? I encourage you today to think of faith as an opportunity. Only once you realize that your relationship with God is based on trust, you will also understand that it is a connection that implied mutual support. On the behalf of God’s promise, it is clear to see that every step in life is carefully planned for you in advance, where every action brings the consequences that God wants you to experience. However, as a faithful and grateful person, you should also provide your part of share that would establish the mutual connection through the support of the surrounding people.

A service to man is a service to God. There is no better way of spreading God’s word, what is the mission for all, than through actions of support, care and love for surrounding people. Help is the key point in the opportunity of showing loyalty to God, who is omnipresent and knows not only each action but also thoughts as well as our attitudes. There is nothing you can hide from him and the Bible sustains this notion as you are all aware through the description of consequences Jesus’s students faced as a result of own compromises and lies. Service defines one’s heart. Each one of you is God’s follower. However, most importantly, each of you is a representative of God here on Earth. His will for you is to share the benefits and responsibilities through your service.

You might be thinking that the focus of your life should be based on serving Him. You will be right with such consideration. However, God works through people and everything that you do for others will be rewarded. You can show yourself as a faithful man or woman by serving other people and sharing the word of God and proving that you can help others shape the same bond of service. Do not hesitate to take an action. Believing that there is God, who cares and loves is not enough to serve. Attitudes and thoughts should be implemented through actions of service to your neighbors, classmates, friends, and members of a family. And there is nothing to worry about, as His presence will always be by your side.

Thank you for attention!

3 Speech Writing Tips

    1. Get the grasp of the speech question under discussion. This tip refers to not only the given topic that may seem unclear at first glance. But after reading the topic or question that you need to reveal in your speech, it becomes easier to write a speech. You’ll know what to write about and what information will be relevant to mention.
    2. Research the speech topic thoroughly. Even if you read the topic several times and you are sure that it is easy to proceed with writing a speech itself, don’t hurry. Nobody doubts that you are knowledgeable, but be open to the knowledge of the others – authors of books, scientific articles, researchers, and other qualified specialists who know all the angles of the given topic. Moreover, if your speech is underpinned with strong evidence or valid data, it will be interesting to listen to your speech.

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  1. Outline the main ideas of your speech in advance. After the productive research process, you can have a lot to say. But if you start saying all the ideas without proper outlining, smooth structuring sentences, you’ll fail in the audience. Most listeners, who are really interested in listening to your speech, expect a well-structured one. It is considered to be well-organized when there is:
    • An introduction in which you as a speaker greet the listeners, catch their attention, introduce the topic;
    • The body where you need to explore the introduced topic based on the arguments you find before speaking. It is important to involve the audience in this process instead of simply presenting information on the subject of your speech;
    • A conclusion that is supposed to be a logical end of your speech as the answer the question “What was the actual reason to listen to you as a speaker?”

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3 Speech Delivering Tips

Well, it’s time to speak on the topic “Service to Man Is a Service to God”. What will you do and how?

  1. Look confident. Your hands are shaking, a tremor is in your voice, heart jumps out of your chest? Don’t show it at all while speaking. Nobody says it is easy to come on and speak publicly. Take a nice deep breath, better yet two deep breaths and pull yourself together. Certainly, you can be calm if you don’t know what to say about. So prepare your speech beforehand applying all our previous 3 speech writing tips. Then have the list of the main points you’re going to say about or the fully-written speech in front of you. At any moment, you can recollect what to say next by glancing briefly at the paper. Don’t be involved in reading your speech.
  2. Make eye contact with the audience. Don’t forget to look at your audience while you are speaking – there is nobody awful among them. It helps you look confident as well. Besides, it is easy to turn passive listeners into active ones who will be engaged in the discussion. Before you start speaking to the point, direct your head from left to right to the center of where your audience is sitting, then from right to left then back to center. This way, you get familiar with the listeners. While speaking on the subject matter in question, you can make pauses in addition to maintaining eye contact.
  3. Be single-minded and present at the moment of speaking. Don’t think about a kettle on the cooker (think about it earlier, before leaving home) or a romantic heartbreak. Focus only on your speech – its content, the way of pronouncing words/sentences, gestures. Remember if you’re distracted, your audience will be distracted as well. Luckily for them, there are smartphones to follow news feed on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t allow your listeners to get distracted during your speech.

Update 2022: 3 Common Mistakes in Public Speaking

The key to successful public speaking is to never be scary. Besides, if you make sure to stay away from the mistakes given below and approach pro custom writes with a “help me write my speech” request, your next public talk will go just perfectly.

  1. Using filler words. All the ums and hms are fluff that proves you’re not a skilled public speaker. Not only will these words make you look as if you had zero preparation, but they will also make your target audience doubt what you’re saying.
  2. You talk too fast. As an inexperienced public speaker, you get nervous and start talking too fast. This will make your audience feeling confused. They’ll end up focused on everything that is going on around them but not your speech.
  3. Avoiding eye contact. Making eye contact with people in front of you is a must. If you fail to look your audience in the eyes, they’ll consider you arrogant, disconnected, and dishonest.

As you see, there is a formula of successful public speaking – add together the thorough preparation of speech together with confident speaking and multiply by practice, practice and practice. Use it for own benefits!

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