20 Environmental Science Research Paper Topics: Explore Like an Expert

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Writing papers in college is a great deal different than writing one in high school. Firstly, it has to acknowledge issues that are of a significantly advanced level on more special subjects. Secondly, it has to discuss matters that haven’t been deeply-investigated yet but are better to be recognized by fellow peers like you or your groupmates. Thirdly, it has to stick to particular strict paper requirements concerning an academic style, writing tone and formatting (for example, in APA, MLA, or Harvard). When a perfect writing and formatting style and a good research topic pair up, it creates not only remarkable results for a field of study but high grades for each student who puts all possible efforts to perform this task.

And as an additional benefit, when your research topic is the best in the class, you even get the bragging rights (the biggest reward among all possible). So read this article attentively to draw inspiration from some good environmental science research paper topics you can explore on your own. Besides, you’ll know how to do research as a real expert does. Apply all the steps in writing a research paper on Environment and enjoy the final results when your instructor will say, “Oh! Your paper is a joy to read. It is music to my ears.”

Choose a Research-Worthy Environmental Topic

Choosing an issue to cover in a research paper is not so easy especially for environmental science research papers. But the selection of related research paper topics can simplify the process of choosing an interesting research idea in such an important field of study as the natural environment. There are so many environmental concerns humans face today and can face in the future. The consequences can be exceedingly impressive – no clear air, soil, and water. Consequently, it results in ill health among living beings, including human beings who you belong to as well. You can start to care about it if you take a look at the list of research-worthy topics on Environment. Choose one of them for your own environmental research paper.

You’ll definitely end up astounding your audience with the help of a topic from the following list of research topics:

  1. The Black Rat – A Worldwide Invasive Species
  2. The Destruction of the World’s Coral Reefs
  3. Examining the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change – Why the Critics Are Complaining
  4. Can the Use of LED Lights Make a Difference? If Yes, Name Them
  5. How to Sparingly Use Wind, Solar, and Other Alternative Energy Sources?
  6. The Ozone Hole Is Finally Healing – or Is It?
  7. Waste and Pesticides Are Contaminating Soil
  8. How to Stop Coral Reef Destruction
  9. Radon Is a Naturally Occurring Radioactive Gas That Can Cause Lung Cancer
  10. Animal Grazing: Spreading Deadly Viruses and Bacteria That Gets into the Country’s Rivers, Streams and Lakes
  11. What Kills Nature: Effects of Acid Rain on Fish and Wildlife
  12. The Ecological Significance of Exchange Processes between Rivers and Groundwater
  13. What Trump Can Do to Save the Environment
  14. Preserving the Vital Biodiversity of Gabon’s Wetlands
  15. Hoasjoe: The Mystery Sister of the Crystal Cave in Bermuda
  16. The Sightings of the Endangered Species of the World
  17. The Ecological Integrity of Groundwater and Fluvial Systems Os Often Threatened by Human Activities
  18. Tracking the Recovery of a Keystone Urchin Species and Its Role in Reef Restoration
  19. What Is in Our Power: The Transition to Cleaner Vehicles and Fuels
  20. Everyday Harm: Why Is the Use of PET Bottles Harmful for You

To be honest, environmental science is a vast field and there are loads of eager environmentalists who will really appreciate if you take on one of these grown-up research topics. As a matter of fact, there are so many concerns about the environment that dwelling and focusing on them will give you a lot of ideas to write about. Moreover, using these topics will come in handy to catch the attention of your target audience. We all live on Earth and we have to take care of it to make our lives better. Use these suggested ideas to get inspired to craft a useful paper that will call everyone to action. Let’s find out how it is better to do it so that you can be proud of the fact, “I managed to write my research paper to influence the current environmental situation positively!”

Do In-Depth Research on an Environment Issue

Indeed, it is difficult to write a good research paper if you do not read about the chosen topic enough to have something valuable to state about it especially when it concerns environmental issues. If you want to avoid any pitfalls, you should read about your subject a lot, end of! What is more important in proper academic research is that you should read credible sources of information, at least use them as references in your work. It means that Wikipedia isn’t appropriate in the academic field. If you are used to applying the Internet to research, do it properly for your essays.

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There are so many websites on the Internet where you can take numerous data and information on the environment. Aware of how to assess online sources? Look at the picture with the questions to answer when you see an unknown source. But before you start answering them, pay attention to the URL that stands for Uniform Resource Locator as a protocol for specifying addresses on the Internet. In other words, look at the web address of the website. The domain name is exactly that can help you decide whether the information is published by a credible source. Feel free to use sites with URLs such as “.edu”, “.gov” or “.org”. The domain suffix gives you a clue about the type of organization the site is linked to – “.edu” corresponds to educational platforms on which you can access various research studies, “.gov” belongs to the government sites that give access to reports and their findings, “.org” refer to non-profit organizations that also conduct surveys and provide the research results. However, there is one more domain suffix that also can indicate a reliable source – “.com”, for example, in the name of the website Encyclopedia.com where you also can find some useful information about environmental situations.

Structure the Main Research Ideas

A well-developed outline is the best support for your effort to do a good research paper. You’ll be able to see how your ideas are organized or can be organized according to a basic research paper structure. It is essential to outline all your ideas in advance so that you can think of what suits or what can be left out during the writing process rather than after it when the submission deadline will press you. Know what structure your research paper needs to adhere to? If the paper instructions don’t specify the structure, you are supposed to apply the basic paper structure where there are such parts as an introduction with a thesis statement, body with 3 main paragraphs and conclusion where you can give some recommendations as well. That’s why it is so crucial to take the following step for better results in research paper writing.

Follow All the Paper Requirements

After you are given a writing assignment, examine it carefully paying close attention to every single detail concerning a word/page count, structure, references, format and so on. All that plays a huge role in the final assessment of your paper. So don’t neglect it! Keep all the paper instructions in front of your eyes so that you won’t miss any point. Don’t think if you write more that is required, it will be highly assessed. It doesn’t work in this way. Your instructor expects you to express the main ideas in the limited number of words or pages. It is vital to stick to the point while speaking about research problems. Environmental issues are no exception. If you are required to use 5-7 references, do it exactly as required. Luckily, you are provided with the practical tips on how to find reliable sources of information without going to a library. Just open Google and find those necessary 5-7 references to cite in your research papers.

Edit Your Research Paper Accordingly

Managed to choose a topic for a research paper, carry out research, structure the key research ideas, follow all the instructions and think that you are free now? Stop, stop, stop! This isn’t a final of your struggle. There is one more step to take at the end of the writing process – editing. Every academic paper should go through the editing process so that it won’t have any defect in writing and formatting. Keep in mind that it is better to put the final touches on the content with the help of fresh eyes. You can have such a critical eye only after break time. Rushing into editing immediately after you finish writing is a bad idea. As a result, you won’t notice any possible typos or will make more mistakes in formatting references or in-text citations. Alternatively, you can find someone to read out your research paper, but this ‘someone’ must specialize in the subject and be keen-eyed to observe all ambiguities.

Now, you have more chances to write a perfect research paper as all the essentials are explained in the simplest terms, It is your turn to take all the practical steps to write an environmental science research paper. Get on with it!

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