20 Funny Demonstrative Speech Topics to Survive in College

A demonstration is a fundamental of any presentation made in public. Primarily, speakers are supposed to demonstrate themselves in a confident way. Besides, in most cases, a speaker explains an issue and shows how it is applied in real life. And only then he/she pursues various aims of public speaking. For example, in persuasive speeches, a speaker intends to persuade the listeners to adopt a specific viewpoint or behavior. On a special occasion like a wedding reception or banquet, a speaker won’t start persuading someone except that persuading someone not to get married or drunk. By contrast, a speaker will try to entertain the crowd through humor, funny short stories, and vivid illustrations.

What is a demonstrative speech intended for? In this article, you’ll find the answer to this question – “How to write my speech on demonstrative topics?”. Moreover, the list of funny demonstrative speech topics is offered to you. Go on reading this article and write your own demonstrative speech successfully!

3 Demonstrative Speech Peculiarities You Should Consider

1. The Primary Purpose to Demonstrate Practical Terms Clearly

As you know, the general purpose of giving speeches is to inform the audience. With demonstrative speeches, this purpose gets more complicated as it is important to add the demonstration of the explained information. In other words, practical terms how to do something are more vital than the simple explanation.

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2. The Visual Aspects Matter

The act of showing itself implies the visibility of the explained information. Asking, “How to show the information in my demonstrative speech?” Luckily, PowerPoint was invented. Therefore, there is no need to draw pictures, diagrams, infographics, and other visual components. Taking into consideration the fact that people process and digest information differently, visual aids come in handy to overcome most difficulties in the information perception and many other barriers.

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3. The Demonstrative Behavior Counts

Think that if a PowerPoint presentation is prepared, you will need to do nothing more? You are wrong if you think so. During a demonstrative speech, it is vital to behave accordingly – demonstratively in movements, gestures, voice. In this case, a proper body language is of importance. The way you look and sound influences the final result of your public speaking – whether you will be heard or not. The best public speakers are sure in this fact and prove it in their speeches. Just watch the video where Steve Jobs is introducing iPhone in 2007. Pay attention to how he is doing it, what he is using and think why.

What Topics to Choose for Demonstrative Speeches?

The topic on which you are going to deliver a demonstrative speech isn’t less critical than all the above-mentioned points – a demonstrative purpose and behavior, using visual aids additionally. Keep in mind that the topic should correspond to demonstrative speeches. What does it mean? While choosing a topic for a demonstrative speech (if it wasn’t assigned), you should remember the purpose of speaking – to demonstrate. For example, you can’t ‘demonstrate’ anything while speaking on the topic “The Dangers of Driving on Highways and Local Roads”. It will have the form of the explanation where you can surely show some crashes, but there won’t be any practical side in this question. It’s another matter when you want to provide information on how to build a range of skills necessary for successful employment in the 21st century. Here, you can demonstrate each skill and practical steps. Consequently, it is no surprise that the demonstrative speech topics start with “How to …”, “Tips on How to … ” or “Ways/Steps to …”.

20 Funny Demonstrative Speech Topics You Can Develop

If you decide to read this article only because it is called “20 Funny Demonstrative Speech Topics to Survive in College” and you hope to find really funny topics for your demonstrative speech, we are glad to help you. Why use humor in speeches? Well, there are a lot of reasons for that:

  • You connect with the listeners better;
  • The audience actually listens to what you say;
  • It is easier to explain complicated things;
  • Humor is a good ice-breaker.

And a demonstrative speech is no exception for using humor. Imagine how it is boring to listen to the speech where a speaker tries to explain how something works or how to do a certain task. And now add a bit of fun to that, and voila – a cool presentation, full attention from listeners and a decent grade are secured for you.


You can capture the listeners’ attention immediately after you read out aloud
a funny demonstrative speech topic. And don’t worry – we provide you with 20 funny demonstrative speech topics to see how this academic assignment can be paired up with humor. We all know how it may be hard to survive in college sometimes – the constant pressure of work, exams, tests, strict professors and instructors, not always pleasant classmates and so on. For that reason, you are offered the list of demonstrative speech topics based on most issues that can occur to you as a college student.

  1. How to Get Rid of Nosy Ears in a Room;
  2. How to Use Horoscope to Prevent Any Issue at College;
  3. How to Take on a Food Challenge with Confidence;
  4. How to Make Jokes in Class Effectively;
  5. How Not to Get Lost in a College;
  6. How to Lie with a Poker Face;
  7. How to Memorize Lectures Instead of Gossips;
  8. How to Stop Feeling Like a Walking Wikipedia;
  9. How to Copy off of A Students;
  10. How to Leave a Phone at Home;
  11. How to Say that You Didn’t Do Your Homework;
  12. How to Spend A Day When Everything Goes Wrong;
  13. How to Have Fun During an Exam;
  14. How to Study Disciplines That You Don’t Really Like, but Have to Study for Because of the GPA;
  15. How to Persuade an Instructor That You’ll Do Everything at Home;
  16. How to Wake up After a Crazy Student Party;
  17. How to Listen to Music During Classes so That Your Prof Doesn’t Catch You;
  18. How to Get a Girlfriend/Boyfriend While You’re Still a Freshman;
  19. How to Play Computer Games Without Self-Reproach;
  20. How to Skip Lessons because of Valid Excuses.


As you can see, it is quite possible to choose a funny topic for a demonstrative speech. This way you won’t need to make up any special tricks to make people laugh because you will talk about something funny. Moreover, it will be much easier to crack jokes throughout the whole presentation when you try to tell people to do something like skipping classes without being punished. Look through our topics, choose the one that makes you chuckle at once and start working on your demonstrative speech. You’ll be surprised how pleasant it is to write something that will make people and you smile. Don’t forget to smile every day of your college life!

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