How to Get the Best Cars to Buy If You Are a (Broke) College Student

If you are blessed with understanding parents who are all ready to buy you a car when you start your college, because you are a responsible adult, thank them with all the love and sincerity in your heart, because you are one of the lucky few. Other students have to rely on their hard work and sweat and blood to save enough money to buy a second hand car. College is hard enough, without having to subject your senses to public transport. Besides, with your own car, you have the chance to explore more and be more adventurous, which cannot really happen when the meter is ticking in the cab.
We get it that buying a car is not a piece of cake, but here are some things that can bring you closer to your aim of being the proud owner of a car someday, in the near future.

1. Go through Your Wardrobe and Set up a Second Hand Clothes Sale

dress ripped off gif

Because, hey, who needs two jackets anyway. Who are you? John Travolta? Sell everything which is more than two and you will be rolling in money in no time.

2. Try Handmade Parts

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But after several failed attempts and nothing to show for all that hard work you remind yourself that you suck at it and go to work in Starbucks. Accept that it is your life now.

3. Engage Yourself in Catering and Tolerate People

two girls

If you think about it, it’s a sweet deal. Let’s see, you get extra cash + free food to take with you afterwards. This is a perfect match for a college student or any broke human being for that matter. Besides all you have to do is to dress nice and pass canapés and champagne glasses to guests. You might even have a glass or two for yourself at the end of the night.

4. Walk Dogs for Your Neighbors

run from dogs

And realize that you hate dogs or that the dogs hate you. Can go either way, but you can be out in the fresh air, might even meet a girl who stops and gushes over the dog. Double score!

5. Try House Sitting

No, you can’t do the first thing that popped into your head the minute you read that. House sitting doesn’t mean that you can set up a party there or invite people over. But sitting at the sofa and watching TV is better than doing hard work to earn money.

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6. Go for Mystery Shopping

This way you can actually save up on your future car and eat or drink or dress up for free … perfect!

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7. Uncover Your Wasted Talent of an Artist

We don’t mean that in order to do that you have to go all Picasso on us, but, hey, you can still paint some fences for money. Just up and down strokes with a painting brush and an occasional bottle of beer or cool lemonade. Aah, the sweet, surreal life!

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8. Sell Your Kidney

Wait don’t do that …just joking 🙂 you can get by with donating some of your blood but keep some for yourself because you need to be alive to drive that amazing ride of yours.

70s show gif sweet dreams

If your parents are not going to pay for a ride, and you think you can’t live without one, these are some ways through which you can accomplish your goal of buying a car.

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