Can’t Write an Essay? 10 Steps to Do Professionally

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Students are great lovers of procrastination. No, we are not talking about all students without exception now, but most of them are still inclined to postpone the current academic tasks for later, which as a result turn into a huge avalanche that cannot be stopped. Has everyone heard about the preparation for the exam during the last night? This is the most striking example of procrastination. The same applies to current assignments, which, in accordance with the correct approach, must be completed on the same day as they were given to the student.

We completely agree with the fact that sometimes essay assignments are so complicated, boring or difficult that students simply give up. However, we also believe that no matter how difficult an essay is if we try, we can write it, and even ace it. If you have faced such a problem with an essay, just do these:

1. Stop Thinking, Start Writing

This suggestion might not make sense, but that’s what you have to do. As soon as the words ‘I cannot write an essay’ begin to echo in your mind, just pick up your pencil, pen or laptop and start writing. Sure, you could be writing gibberish, but it will give you the push you need. You’ll erase one sentence, you’ll erase another one, but eventually, you’ll start scripting and that deep-rooted fear of writing will cry for failing so pathetically.

2. Put Your Cell Phone Away

Not being able to write doesn’t have to do much with our writing abilities but with our own self-doubts and huge distractions. For instance, on the one hand, you are super distracted with your cell phone because your best friend has posted something controversial and you have to back them up, but on the other hand, you have this horrible essay to write.

So you’ll naturally be inclined toward the controversial post and consider this already difficult task even more challenging. Just put your phone away for an hour or so, and you’ll be surprised how much you have been able to write on the particular topic.

3. Stop Impressing Others

Almost half of the time we are writing to impress the teacher and our class fellows and even less than half the time we invest in the topic and the essay itself. Stop trying to write to impress, but write with passion and you will eventually impress everyone.
But it should be said that the opposite approach can also work. By their nature, each person is to some extent selfish, and this is not bad in certain situations. Sometimes the thirst for praise, admiration and good evaluation reveals hidden abilities. And if this is about you – do not miss your chance to get a well-deserved reward and recognition, so get down to essay writing right now and show everything you can do.

4. Imagine That You Are a Special Agent and You Need to Complete a Task

And now let’s abstract from difficulties of a student and adult life and we let the imagination to be in free flight. If you cannot force yourself to write an essay as a student, let’s imagine that for the next two hours you are not a student, but a special agent. Your task is to investigate and provide a report on the work done. Time to complete the task is limited and you need to start right now. This may sound naive, but such semi-child self-deception can really help you look at yourself and your strength from the outside. Special agents can do anything, right? And the task to write an essay is a mere trifle for real heroes.

5. Make It Fun

No matter what you do in your life, make sure you make it fun. That is the only thing that can motivate you to keep doing that thing. Likewise, writing a paper is a quite interesting activity, you’ll, at least, be tempted to try, and there’s nothing you can’t do when you make an effort. Find out how to treat difficulties with humor. In the end, Armageddon will not come if your composition will differ from Shakespeare.

6. Go Heavy on the Source

Granted that you have to write your own paper doesn’t mean you cannot ask for some help from wise people who actually penned down a whole book on it. A paper always becomes better when you are supporting your point or making some evidence stronger by outright quoting credible sources. It shows that you have done your research well and have a vivid understanding of the subject. This thought will make you panic a little less, and besides, these sources will show you the path to success.

Seeking out the assistance of professionals can also be beneficial. Make sure to find someone who has a good understanding of the subject matter and is able to provide helpful advice as you as them “please, write my essay.” They may provide you with tips on how to organize your thoughts and structure your paper in order to make it more cohesive and understandable. Furthermore, they can also offer you guidance on how to research effectively and make sure that your sources are reliable and credible.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that writing your own paper can be a rewarding experience. You’ll have the opportunity to review the literature, form your own opinion, and come to your own conclusions. And even if the paper doesn’t turn out as expected, it can still be a great learning experience. Writing can be an opportunity to grow and learn, so take the time to enjoy the process and recognize the progress you make.

7. Think About the Most Important Things You Want to Tell the World

Actually, it only seems to you that you have no ideas or thoughts on this or that occasion. You yourself will be surprised by the number of ideas that will begin to arise in your head when you begin to delve into the topic. Moreover, very often professors give the opportunity to choose or come up with an essay topic independently or explore the scientific field or phenomenon that is most interesting for each student.

Take this chance to think again about the problems that really bother you and which you really have something to say about. For example, you are seriously concerned about the environmental situation, and these are not just words. Write an essay on this topic. Conduct your own investigation. Offer simple tips on how to save the environment by starting with simple actions, for example, not to buy water in plastic containers or not to use polyethylene. Perhaps you already have some life hacks how to do it, and you will be very pleased to share them.

8. Don’t Make a Federal Case Out of It

For many hours and many days, you are stubbornly postponing essay writing, and thus you grow a terrible monster in your head. More and more time you worry about what you did not do because you are obsessed with it. And, since you are trying to move away from this case, most likely you think about this matter in a negative way. It turns a trifle into Godzilla – a terrible monster who threatens to ruin your academic career. But in reality, this is just one of the current tasks, the execution of which will take no more than a few hours, and then you will be free again (when you cope with an essay writing and research papers on other subjects, of course).

9. Stop Striving for the Ideal

The ideal does not exist. Just accept this truth today and do not torment yourself further. The perfectionist tries to achieve perfection even in a small matter, applies super-efforts, overly concentrates on details. The pursuit of an ideal leads to a reassessment of the complexity of the task and the timing of its implementation. Work done imperfectly equates to failure.

As a result, the perfectionist is so afraid to do the work flawlessly that does not dare to take it for a long time. Memorize the main rule of each student – a project made imperfectly is in any case better than not done at all. Of course, you should make every effort to do a good job, but it is useless to endlessly pursue an unattainable ideal. So, evaluate how expensive the pursuit of perfection costs you. Repeated grinding of unimportant details leads to a waste of time and effort.

10. Give Yourself a Clear Answer to the Question of Why You Need It

If you find that you are constantly killing time on social networks, watch videos with kittens on YouTube and are generally ready to do anything but writing an essay, look at the situation from the outside. Maybe you just are not interested in studying this subject, or studying in this college, in this department with these teachers and classmates? If you are not the first time to notice that you have to literally put pressure on yourself from the inside, continuing to perform similar tasks, maybe it makes sense to think about changing something in your career?

But if you know for sure that you are in your place, that you want to treat people, drive an aircraft or develop your business, then take today’s task as an intermediate step towards your big goal. If you know exactly why you are doing this, then sooner or later your inner strength and motivation will be stronger than laziness, procrastination and a million excuses.

We guarantee you that these activities will motivate you to start writing your own masterpiece. Besides it is just an assignment, it can’t be impossible. It can be difficult, maybe, but never impossible. So do not minimize your real strength, do not let temporary difficulties lead you astray, undermine your faith in yourself and lower your value as a future specialist. Feel free to take the advice of a famous brand and just do it.

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