6 Life-and-Death Situations When You Need to Convert Audio to Text

There are some days when you just don’t want to get out of bed and spend the whole glorious day in the warm cocoon of your blanket. Or you might just want to watch Game of Thrones all day and stuff your face with fast food. Or you might want to not make plans for a while and just hang out at your home with your pet doing absolutely nothing. A good life, we say!

But that is just wishful thinking and you realize that you will have to report to the dictatorship A.K.A your class, which is unfortunately necessary if you don’t want to get kicked out from your college and to do everything in your power to stay there and graduate. Isn’t that the ultimate dream? Sometimes you want to find those people who said that high school is the hardest time of your life and it gets only easier from there. They obviously haven’t been to college or had to work a day in their lives because it sure is not easy! It’s difficult and most of the time all you can do to get by is having a cathartic cry once in a while.

However, surviving your years in college can be made extremely easy if you get your hands on one of those nifty audio to text conversion apps or software. They can make a huge difference in life and death situations and can come to your rescue when you don’t know what else to do. Whether you are writing a paper, completing an essay or taking notes in class, audio to text conversion apps can help you survive and come out on top of your class without having to lift a finger (literally). So, here are some situations when these technologies can really save your life.

1. When a professor gives a lecture and you record it because you are too hung over to write it down after yesterday’s party.


2. When you need to write an essay but too lazy to sit at the table; you’d better lie in your warm and soft bed. For example, you are now wondering, “How to write my speech?” Simply, record it.

monsters inc

3. When you are writing a love letter to your boyfriend/girlfriend but can’t put it straight down to paper because you are afraid of too many spelling mistakes because who cares about grammar? This is a love letter and you’re not Shakespeare anyway.


4. When you can’t hear the exact words in your favorite song and hope that an audio to text program will get them.

audio to text program

5. When you recorded your bet with a friend about Leonardo Di Caprio and the Oscar and want to document it officially.

leonardo dicaprio gif django

6. When you are Hermione Granger and after all those lectures at Hogwarts you just record your professors because your writing hand has gone on vacation and you are like.


So give audio to text technologies a shot and lessen your burden by a monumental degree!

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