What Type of a Custom Essay Writing Service Customer Are You?

Customers of custom essay writing services surely have their individual “charm”. But the more you work in this industry, the more you get the feeling that even these customers have types, kind of like blood groups or zodiac signs. So, let’s explore the amazing world of custom essay writing service clients.

1. Mr. I am Confused About What I Want

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.. Oh but wait… that is no excuse for you to be. Some clients are battling their constant change of heart; for them, the DSM will soon make up a special syndrome. You may talk to them about their project on the phone and an hour later receive a brief that has nothing to do with what they discussed with you. Oh wait … scroll down what’s that?! “…. P.S. I changed my mind. Not feeling the scenario we discussed.”

2. Mr. I Assumed You Would Read My Mind

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When you finally deliver the project and from there on you get this sheepish grin asking ‘what’s this you have included’, or ‘hmm… it’s missing something I can’t point out what’. From the scriptures of ‘Ten Things Your Custom Writer Won’t Tell You but Wants You to Know’, three words: Additional Upfront Cost.

3. Mr. Write Me Something, Anything


These are better than the – I am confused about what I want – type of clients. The good news is that they know they can’t hand in blank pages. “Type my essay please and we will call it even”

4. Mr. There Isn’t a Deadline… Oh Wait There is, This Was Due Yesterday

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We don’t blame these kinds of clients. They REALLY do need help. With a tight schedule, anyone can forget when was due; they are already piled up with so much on their plates. Poor thing …

5. Mr. Nerd

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No custom essay writing service would wish Mr. Nerd on their worst enemy list. This client has a knack for putting you down. They are experts in their field, and they may or not really need help with their essay but they are surely interested in testing what you can do. Leave a dot out of an ‘i’ or miss out crossing that ‘t’, and get ready to behold the snickering wrath of this client.

All that being said, there are still tons of clients who are not satisfied with their custom copy or the way the project has been communicated. If you are one of the customer types listed above (or even if you’re not), you need to check out all the writers out there. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are able to find a good match. Someone who can work with your routine time frame and deadlines. You may realize that it’s not a bad custom writer, it is just they are not suited to what you require. If that is the case, then switch!

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