5 Board Games for Students to Train Their Creativity and Pass a Great Time with Friends

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Most people associate playing games with just having fun. However, there is more to it than just fun and games. Puzzles and board games are experiencing a rebirth as many people are beginning to understand their value. These games bring about a sense of teamwork and partnership, critical thinking and innovative minds, and of course a good time to connect with the people in our lives. These games are also good for students as they keep them busy. They also train their creativity and are great when you want to just pass time with friends. Below are some of the best board games for students:

1. Codenames

Codenames is a great game that can be engaged by players of all ages. It is very thrilling and entertaining and has tons of positive reviews. It’s very simple and only requires the players to identify their fellow teammates by their code-names.
It involves two teams competing against each other in a race and is governed by a spymaster. The first team to uncover all their fellow agents is considered to be the winner. The spymaster is the one who knows the real names of the team members, and they have to guide their team members to uncover them.
This is a great game to play during school parties and functions. Despite each team holding only a maximum of four players, you can always add more people to create more and more teams.

2. Catan

If you are looking for a game to challenge your reasoning and train your mind to make good spontaneous decisions, this is the game for you. Catan is an adult and children’s game. It is an award-winning game and therefore very popular with very high ratings. The game is not limited as it can be expanded into so many sets that go with different age groups. Each team can hold four players, but can be enlarged up to six people in a team
The game is really easy to play. It is based on a fictional Island known as Catan and players play as habitats of the land and their role is to build the establishments of the community. The first role of a player is to collect all the resources needed to build including bricks, ore, wood, grain among others.
If you love putting things together, building settlements, or planting and harvesting, then you are likely to become fond of this game. Moreover, this game is very interactive and can help you as a student nicely pass time with your fellow mates.

3. Ticket to Ride

Another interesting and exciting game you should try is the ticket to ride. The game is based on one simple rule: connect as many cities as you can to earn more points. The more cities and routes you connect, the more points you earn and get closer and closer to victory. Another way to earn more points in this game is by completing your mission cards. Mission cards point to the destinations in order to complete a certain route. When you complete a route, you get additional points.
The game accommodates 2-5 players and once the game is done, the player with the highest connections and more goals is considered to be the winner. The game is very simple, but there are some elements that you need to consider in order to attain more points. The board game is excellent for college students, especially those who love to challenge each other.

4. Clue: Harry Potter Edition

We all know about the famous Harry Potter movie and book series. It is over 20 years now since the latter was released, and it still remains a favorite thriller among many. In 2016, the famous and enchanting board game: Clue: Harry Potter edition was released, and it took their fan base by storm. The game invites you to the wizarding world and allows you to pick your favorite character in order to solve the Hogwarts mystery. It gives you a great opportunity to be either Harry, Hermione, or Ron. How exciting is that?
The game is very simple and interesting. It only requires a player to find out who has varnished, the spell used, and where the offense was committed. The game is recommended for students in college because they grew up reading the famous Harry Potter books and watching the movies, and best comprehend the thrill that comes with playing the above characters.

5. Cards Against Humanity

The name itself is interesting. The game is not recommended for teens below 17 years of age, but for college students is a must-try. The game is only approved for players who are mature and are able to handle aggravating and often humorous questions and answers. In this game, the objective is for a player to couple a question to the funniest, most provocative, and cleverest answer that he or she can find.
The game comprises 100 black cards that contain questions on various topics and 500 cards that illustrate different answers to these questions. Every team member gets an opportunity to select a black card during each specific round, and the rest of the team picks their answers from the stack of white cards. The player with the most appropriate, hilarious, or aggravating answer wins that round of play.

One cool thing about this game is that it initiates mature conversations about various topics between young adults and friends that would not just randomly come up. This is a great game to play during night parties and night outs with friends at college, or even at home during summer break. You can also make this a good distraction to pass time when you are with your house-mates or roommates.

If you are a student looking for a perfect board game to play with friends during your hang-out time, then the above list will help you out. The board games listed above will make it easy for you to spend valuable time with friends and colleagues and help you interrupt your mind from all the mental pressure that comes with being a student.

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