10 Animals You Will Look Like If You Don’t Order That Anthropology Paper

Writing an anthropology paper is no joke. Expressing your knowledge about the explicit biological and social sciences, and writing a paper that will be your ticket to your professor’s good books are no easy tasks. Not only do you have to mentally prepare yourself to write an anthropology paper, but when the time comes, get ready to have your patience put to test, because it will require extensive research and it will test your knowledge on the subject matter at every turn.

If you have been procrastinating instead of writing your paper, it will be quite difficult to get it done on time. But that hardly matters because if you want to pass with a suitable grade, you have to complete what you started. And when you at last decide to do that, a thousand feelings wash over you and even staring at the curtains seems more interesting and promising than actually writing the paper. You fall so far down into the rabbit hole that you start imagining what your life would be if you were a dog or a cat. Well you certainly wouldn’t have to write an anthropology paper, would you?

Here is a rollercoaster ride of emotions that every student goes through, when he/she is writing a paper on anthropology.

1. When you realize that the deadline is in two days and you still haven’t figured out what to write about and how to proceed with the paper.

confused puppy

2. When you promise yourself that the minute you get home, you are starting and completing your paper, no matter what!

cat in bread box gif

3. When you get home and the first thing you do is stuff your face with food.

salem cat tumblr

4. After satisfying your hunger pangs, you finally decide to write your paper, and you have to mentally prepare yourself but end up crying.

baby seals gif

5. Starting your paper and having no idea what to write about or how to start. And you feel like hiding from your responsibilities like.


6. Pulling yourself together and writing the paper. And after 2 hours of sweating on your laptop, you find out that you have to write 20 more pages. Just great.

dog burrito gif

7. Then foraging in the fridge, because you are hungry again. Hey, no one’s judging you, writing a paper is hard work and your mind is constantly working out. You deserve this!

The Secret Life of Pets

8. You thinking about your friends who went to the party and how they must be enjoying themselves, while you are here stuck at home writing a boring anthropology paper.

dinosaur gif

9. Why isn’t the paper done yet! Does it seem like you have been slaving away for hours on it? And thinking, “Somebody, please kill me.”

anime cute gif

10. But, nevertheless, you will still make it and do the paper to hand it in on time to show your professor what you can do.

baby turtle gif

Writing an anthropology paper can be difficult and the boring details, references and research material that you have to gather for a single paper will make you scream and pull your hair out. And, though, you may look like all those animals, you will rock when you finish that anthropology paper.

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