Speech of Presentation

Speech of presentation is stylistically different from business letters and proposals texts. For example, it is the same situation with the promotional article and texts for sections of the site. Every public appearance, text support, or video presentations require the use of special techniques. A separate part of any presentation is the composition and timing, considering the appropriate format. Moreover, the speech of presentation must be clear for every recipient.

business meetingDear Colleges and Partners,

You are holding in your hands a new catalog of a brand “Rain,” which is the next stage in our development. We are happy to go to it with you. You are the ones who have already long know us, trusting the quality of our products. You are those who have learned recently about us, but you are aimed at the profitable and reliable cooperation.

Over the past 16 years, we have united under the brand name “Rain.” It is more than 10 000 professional tools and garage equipment for the car repair and other technical fields. At the same time, all of the products of the brand “Rain” were made in accordance with the USA and Germany patents.

Many of you know our blue logo, designed in the retro style. You have seen it on the high-class equipment and superior quality tools in garages and service stations. We have always sought to find a middle ground between expensive tool with the objectively excessive demands for the quality and cheap tools, but short-lived. As a result, we have created a wide assortment of the time-tested equipment and its standard of the quality.

Four years ago, we had a big step for the development of markets. Nowadays, we are closer to ordinary motorists. We realized that the problem of the choice of the instrument from a dozen such kind is not so simple. If you stand on the other side and you have to compare the price, functionality, material quality, convenience, and other characteristics, then it is a difficult task.

Nowadays, we have embarked on the innovative development. We have updated our logo and corporate identity of the brand and changed it to sky blue. We also created a new brand of “Sweety.” Under the brand “Sweety,” we will produce tools and equipment that are included in the group with optimal affordable prices and quality, considering the level of international standards, but with a reduced phase control process. The “Sweety” tools are suitable for all professionals and motorists, who use the automobile equipment in their workshop every day.

In conclusion, I personally want to thank all our friends and partners, who worked with us for 16 years. In today’s innovative way of the development, the company “Rain” is still open for long-term cooperation and your ideas. Remember, you are people who create the company’s history every day. It is your merit that the company has grown to its current level. With you, we will make it a success. I hope you enjoyed this meeting because the speech of presentation is the tool to unite us.

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