Amazing Speech of Birthday

            Speech of birthday is one of the most requested life genres, since, in public, solemn situations are not a rare phenomenon. The addressee of congratulations may be a specific person as well as a large group of people. In any case, a recipient is an individual who gets the congratulations or hero of the occasion. The greeting should be personalized since is addressed to a particular person.

sweet lady jane cakeDear Grandma, here you come to this astounding figure – 80!

Here you see all members of the family, people close to you who gladly came to this meeting and I am sure to see another anniversary to tell you once again about our love.

Look at us, we are all together now. It is your merit. You have always been and remain our heart. Thanks to you, we are not just relatives. We are truly one happy family. How do you cope with all the family problems, challenges of life, ups and downs in the relationship?

We all know that your life has been difficult. But how do we know? From the entries in your workbook that you once showed us, we read it as a novel about the life of the twentieth century. From the stories of our grandfather, which, unfortunately, is not present with us now. We know how you all your life you were respected. Only from you we have not heard the most complaints about life because you always have a desire to give us, your children and grandchildren, your optimism and charge us with their energy and passion for life.

Look at us, we are your children. Each of us has something of yours. It is both in appearance and character.As for me, I am proud that I have your will for which I gladly thank you. My children are such funny and cheerful persons. It is not surprising, because, in the first five years they spent a lot of time with you in summer when you must have ‘infected’ them with your positive worldview.

Now, I must admit, you know each of us has a secret that only you know. It is not surprising as well since after all we go to you with all our secrets. Who else could listen to us so attentively? Who else could point out our mistakes so gently and carefully? And you always give the advice so carefully!

We can all say, “The thing that my grandmother passed to me is the best in me.” However, that is not all! She gave us all a piece of her soul, and it is much more important. And I am sure that your attention and kindness will be enough for many grandchildren and great-grandchildren as you always give your time and love to us. We please you and you are the dearest to us! It is much easier to live in the world, knowing that there is person who can always understand you and forgive. We try and will keep trying to give back you the best we can.

You are a great person. We need you! Happy birthday, dear Grandma.

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