7 Crazy Things You Can’t Do With Books Online

Attention book lovers! There are things that you might or might not do with the e-copy of your favorite book.

Believe it or not, books have been the best friends of mankind ever since someone first wrote them. But why dig into history when evolution has helped us in almost every manner possible. A simple click is all it takes to have the latest part of your favorite series in your gadget.

But is it all what it takes to fall for a book? To download it, read it and keep it in a folder or delete? I wonder what would happen to the treasured collections we all once adored, and what about the exchange of the valuable coffee stained series.

Admit it, the online version of the book is so not worth it when you can’t do this:

1. Smell It and Look Like You’re Some Kind of a Junky

A long sniff of your bedtime book and you’ve inhaled happiness, pleasure, ecstasy! But wait, that is your tablet and the screen has no odor at all. Too sad, you just can’t go about sniffing it like some addict and satiate yourself.

christian bale little women

2. Find Your Soul Mate by Looking at Books People Are Reading

You can totally relate to falling in love with people who are reading the books you love, or the authors for that matter. But never have you experienced falling for someone by peeping into their electronic gadgets to see which file they are reading and what is the name of the book (if it is a book they’re giving all that attention to).

harry potter

3. Take Some Highly Philosophical Book and Show off in Public Transport

Ah! The art of vanity, how we have mastered it over time by showing off our possessions and our skills; not to forget our rich literary interests! But it is doubtful whether we would ever be able to do that again.

cat is reading

4. Cut out the Inner Pages and Make a Hiding Place

Well, book is a great place to hide some money if you live in a college dorm, or a bottle of something if you live with your parents.

row of books

5. Put It under the Table Leg to Make It Stop Tottering

The table has a perfect position to read books but you just can’t draw an intangible e-book from your drawer and tuck it under the table leg; it just does not have the ability to keep it up.

heap of books

6. Defend Yourself When Someone Wants to Attack You

Receiving an enormous attack from a friend and thinking of something to grab to defend yourself? Well, the book can be an ultimate weapon in this case.

cats fighting

7. Sign It When You Give It as a Gift

The hard earned pocket money was spent in gifting the fresh sequel to a close friend?  That’s right. And sign it if you are not talking about an e-book.

books from the bag

Having learnt about everything you cannot do with digital books, it is time to perhaps repair the tottering table leg and search for a soul mate elsewhere! While doing that, our book report writing service can work for you.

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