5 Challenging Reasons Why You Must Talk to Auto Dealers NOW!

Having a sweet ride to college is a great thing. But that is often not the objective in mind when college students are looking to buy a car. What they have in mind is impromptu road trips and girls, most likely. With a car you feel like the king of the world, with the possibility of attracting girls and taking them for a ride in your new car.

Obviously, a college student with a car is cool, because, hey, they have a car and they can go wherever they want without any need to plan for transportation options. Moreover, owning a car means that you have finally grown up. The status of a college guy automatically rises up with car keys in his pocket. One day you are this self-proclaimed nerd hiding behind your books and then suddenly after you get a car, you get an extreme makeover. You turn into a hot person, who is suddenly welcomed into the in-group and is invited to the most happening parties in college.

It’s really important that every college student owns a car. After reading this article, you might feel like you can cross Mordor, if it means getting it. Here is why you should talk to auto dealers right now and get the car of your dreams.

1. It Will Motivate You to Go to Work to Earn Money for Gas

Because, hey, it’s not like you have any term papers to write or assignments to do or tests to prepare for. Your car is you life now and you better accept it and work to pay for the gas money.

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2. Then You’ll Actually Be Able to Get to Work in That Very Car

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The car that you actually got a job for can be used to get there. How fortunate for you.

3. You Will Buy a Used Car for a Lower Price and Spend Double to Fix It up

It probably didn’t occur to you that you could buy a new one for that money. But don’t worry you will do a great job with that car and you can spend every free second fixing up your baby. It doesn’t matter that you won’t have social life anymore and you are like

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4. You Will Buy a New Car

And your car will either become a victim of a parking lot hit & run, have a broken window by drunk guys fighting over booze or have its mirrors bent multiple times by students walking between cars. There is no win-win situation for you.

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5. You Will Get a Student Car Loan

And graduate from college with 2 debts, which is actually quite a grown up feature! Think about how your peers will respect you.


Life isn’t easy without a ride of your own. So why wait for the perfect time or a stable job or to accumulate enough savings to buy a car. Live dangerously and take out a loan and buy a car now so that you can enjoy the rest of your college life with ease, convenience and fun, all mixed into one amazing cocktail.

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