5 Useful Gif Ideas That Will Help You Outdo Obama: World Order Speech Crafting

World Order is the greatest existing issue which was purposefully created a long time ago. World Order is like a dark light that has blinded a large majority of people in the world. Sadly, the ones who are spreading this darkness are the civil servants who are nothing but mere puppets being played at the hands of The Rothschilds, Freemason and the Illuminati.

The worst part is that people have come to love these civil servants and are willing to follow them word by word. Maybe that is why the naive ones didn’t find anything odd about Obama World Order speech. The world’s only hope is left with the fresh minded students who can overcome these problems easily and can even outdo Obama. Here is how:

1. Believe in Equality

World Order simply aims to let the best ones live and the weak ones die. And by the best, we mean the ones who can be controlled and by weak, we mean the ones who refused to be controlled mentally and physically. Students can start small with their dorm rooms and with their classmates and stand up for equality whenever they feel like they are abused. If you cover this issue in your paper, it will catch your readers for sure.

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2. Believe in Freedom of Choice

Religion is everyone’s personal choice. A person can be a Jew or a Muslim if they want, and the rest of the world must accept their decision. There is no religion that preaches hate so why hate a particular one? Unfortunately, World Order has zero patience for freedom of choice and students can change that. No one can tell us to be violent with someone unless we want to be. So spread love and kill hatred. Such a problem can also be uncovered in a student’s paper to make it catchy.

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3. Stop Violence, Stop Wars

World Order wants to have an iron grip on everyone and for that, they need to reduce the population. So what do they do? They work with propagandas, they initiate wars and with their everyday scapegoats, cause bloodshed in different parts of the world. Students can use their voice to create awareness and stand with people who have become victims of the World Order.

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4. Say ‘No’ to Mainstream Media

The all-seeing eye of the Illuminati is not of providence but of filthy rich families who have staged an intervention with the media and like to conduct what is called a “mass surveillance”. You may think of it as a joke or as a conspiracy theory, but whatever you do on the web is closely watched by someone.

Anti-terrorism or anti-criminal activities are a cover-up for this surveillance, when in reality, it is just another way of snatching your freedom from you. Cover this item in your paper and call everyone to action!

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5. Be Careful with Your Votes

The power hungry people are always in cahoots with the World Order. Dwell upon this issue in your paper and discuss it in your class.

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The case of the World Order is indeed mysterious because we are the World Order; we are shaped to help build the World Order that means the only one who can defeat these evil phenomena is students. Use these tips while crafting your World Order speech for a college class to outdo Obama’s one.

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