5 Unexpected College Classes You Will Be Assigned a Food Technology Coursework

Many things in life take us completely by surprise and it isn’t until you are in the middle of it. Do you ask yourself, how did I get here? College life is something similar, and you’ll often find yourself in places you have no memory of actually deciding to go there. And we are talking about classes, or at least some of the classes, where you are suddenly working on a topic completely out of the blue. We guarantee you that none of the students went to study chemistry or physics thinking that one day they’ll be writing a paper that will feel like they are taking food technology coursework. But it will happen for sure when you start thinking upon “How to do my coursework?”

Let’s prepare you in advance by listing down some of these classes:

1. Chemistry

Chemistry is all about reaction, results, and mixing of chemicals, but have you ever thought that maybe the best way to increase the readability of your essay and to provide some examples there could be nothing better than using food. One of the major procedures used in food technology is fermentation and that cannot be done without some chemistry in the mix.

chemistry experiment

2. Physics

We extensively cover the topic of radiation in physics and learn about various types of radiant waves, however, we only lately realize that some of these invisible waves are microwaves, the very same one that heats our food with radiation in the electronic appliance known by the same name.
Another way in which physics actively participate in food technology is irradiation in which wavelength destroys contamination and putrefaction in food and helps with a preservation process.


3. Microbiology

Microbiology is a study of microorganisms, and food is one of their favorite victims. The microorganisms that inhibit food are the cause of spoilage and contamination in them, but most importantly, microbiology also talks about good bacteria used for eating like probiotics and considered one of the healthiest things to consume. Microbiology and food are closely related.


4. Botany

The subject of botany talks about plant food and how it can be used to provide a highly nutritious diet for humans. Food technology, on the other hand, is involved with everything related to food and how different processes and production methods can be used to modify the process. Both fields interlink with each other at one point, and hence, food is used as a topic for essays in the Botanical field of study.

go green

5. Economics

Economics teaches us about markets and rates, some supply and demands. The economics students can anytime pick up the food industry to base their essay on. Food technology deals with food production and control whereas economics teaches us to be mindful of the market, the two are interrelated, and economics is one fundamental part of food technology.

throwing money out of car

It seems as if food is not only an important part of our lives to the extent of thinking about it and consuming it but also when it comes to writing papers, we can always use food as our topic of interest.

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