5 Lovey-Dovey Novel Writing Techniques That You Should Idolize

Everyone adores good love stories. Even the most unromantic people, as well as self-proclaimed practical living beings, can be found weeping in quiet corners, over someone else’s happy life. Some students are actually brave enough to venture that far when writing their research papers and use some lovey-dovey writing technique to woo their readers.

Remember that an essay doesn’t only have to be informative and opinioned; it should also be interesting enough to be called a creative piece of writing and hook the readers, right from the beginning. Using a love theme is one of the best ways to do it.

1. Classic Novels Were All about Love

Why do you think people love Jane Austen, the Brontë sisters, and Shakespeare so much? Do you really believe they’d still be so famous and adored if their novels and plays were about a fisherman and his business or about a man who has discovered an undiscovered math formula? Sure, they still would be famous, but would they be adored? Don’t think so. The reason that they have become legendary classical writers is because of the underlined love themes that were present in all their stories.

matthew macfadyen and keira knightley

2. Love Results in Issues

Every single written or unwritten love story is filled with issues. Issues and problems are almost parallel to love stories and one cannot exist without the other. This means that there are as many people on the lookout for writing that will help them with the issues, as there are people in love. Fortunately enough, it doesn’t require one to be old and mature to be able to hand out counsel regarding love. Even college students can do that with their experience or their friends’ experience with the subject of love.

couple fighting

3. Love Is So Much More Than It Seems

Love is not an overnight phenomenon, neither it happens out of the blue. Matter of fact is that love is a combination of culture, society, upbringing, emotions and chemistry. An academic paper that uncovers this complex combination would be nothing less than extraordinary.

will you forgive me

4. Love as Explained by the Wise Ones

Ordinary people think of love in one way, but there are also some judicious ones like Martin Luther King Jr., Edna Millay, Dr. Seuss, John Lennon and many others who have given an entirely new meaning to the definition of love. A paper that uncovers deeper meanings with the help of wise people is sure to be catchy, interesting and informative at the same time. It will also be very fun to write about.

martin luther king jr drawing

5. Many Types of Love

Love is not just love, love is a feeling expressed in many different ways. A well written, exceptional paper that shows research and explains all these forms of love using novel writing techniques will get nothing less than praise and good grades.


Love is such an unfathomable subject that students can write essay after essay based on lovey-dovey novel writing techniques and they’ll still manage to make each one completely different than the last one.

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