20 Business Research Topics of the Utmost Importance in the 21st Century

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What is the best time to build a business? Isn’t it likely that the 21st century is the best time to set up and work in a business? Just look at what opportunities are open to you in the globalized world today – the direct interaction between people, easy access to information, worldwide sales and effective marketing, official regulations, intensive training programs and many more. Due to these factors, most students are eager to get enrolled in business programs to study business issues in detail.

Not all in the business management is promising as wished it to be. There are some research issues on Business that need your in-depth analysis. Let’s investigate them together productively!

20 Business Research Topics Needed to Be Considered Today

Before exploring such an important field of study as a business, you should determine what generates interest for you as a researcher and the area of study inclusively. What is your research interest in Business? Primarily, it should be based on the following points:

  • The scope and purposes of business research;
  • Research findings;
  • Relevant research methods;
  • Your responsibilities as a researcher and so on.

In other words, you need to acquire information or knowledge for professional or commercial purposes, for example, to determine opportunities and goals for a particular type of business.

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While studying at college or university, students can write their papers on the topics that will make even the wealthiest people drool over more money and bursting with better ideas – the ideas that have promising returns. Let us suggest some ideas which you can develop in your business research paper. Have a look at these 20 business research topics:

  1. The Roots of Apple Mania and the Best Marketing Lessons to Learn from It
  2. Is It Obligatory for Multinational Corporations to Have a Strong Presence in Their Home Countries?
  3. Can Social Media Be Used as a Means of Altruism?
  4. The Major Reasons Behind Failing Companies and What Can They Do to Bounce Back?
  5. What Are the Necessary Steps a Person Can Take to Build a Million Dollar Business in the Span of 12 Months?
  6. What Can Be Done to Sidestep the Venture Capital Nightmare?
  7. Can Franchise Be Your Way out of Avoiding Investors’ Conflicts and Sharing of Power?
  8. Risks: Should the Entrepreneurs Embrace It or Rebuff?
  9. Investigating the Worth of Valuation-Growth Focus for Startups and How It Can Bring Positive Change and Sustainability
  10. Can Be There Anything Big Come out of Synergy Between a Startup and a Giant Corporation?
  11. Discovering the Correct Methods of Business Revival in a Way That It Works
  12. Recognizing the Acts That Could Only Be Termed as Entrepreneurial Suicides
  13. The Frightening Business Lessons 120 Year Old Company Kodak Left for the World
  14. Examining Patents and Their Role in the Growth of Startups
  15. Is Word of Mouth Still a Thing in the Overtaking World of Digital Age?
  16. How Well Corporate Climate and Diversity Mixup?
  17. How to Build, Motivate and Manage an Exceptional Team That Can Help in the Flourish Business
  18. Is Networking and Staying Connected a New Approach to Business Success?
  19. Discovering Companies That Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Innovative Business Thinking
  20. How Should the Organization of a Smart, Successful and Promising Startup Look Like?

The only reason most entrepreneurs crash or never get the courage to start a business is that they fail to discover some really important business theories and practices. But the above-mentioned research topics on Business will not only help you understand but also give you the motivation to start your businesses without thinking twice.

How to Do a Business Research Paper Successfully

Thus, if you still can’t make up a great topic to impress your professor as well as your audience, use these ideas above to inspire you, and craft a true masterpiece that will captivate every single person in the room. The only you need to do is to know how to write a research paper on Business. You may say, “I can write my business research paper according to the instructions given to me, and everything will be all right.” Right you are! However, you should keep in mind that the whole writing process isn’t as easy as it may seem at first glance as it involves several important stages – planning, brainstorming, researching, outlining, drafting, proofreading, editing. Too many steps to take to write a research paper? Be sure it will lead to success. We’ll try to provide you with helpful tips for each stage of writing a research paper.

    • Plan your research paper writing rationally. Don’t hope desperately, “I’ll write my research paper for several hours and I’ll be free for the rest of a day.” You can do so, but there are some doubts about the successful results. So set specific timeframes for each necessary steps in writing and then get started. Even if you plan to work the whole day, plan your work accordingly. But don’t forget to take short breaks so that you won’t have an explosion in the head.
    • Brainstorm all possible ideas about business research you’d like to do. Does it mean to waste time just thinking about business research? Don’t think so and start using your brain to storm the business area. It is effective if the basic brainstorming principles are applied to know what exactly and how you need to do business research. You’ll thank Alex F. Osborn, a father of the brainstorm, for inventing the brainstorming method as a way of creative thinking.
    • Research enough sources of information. After you define the questions you want to answer about the topic in your business research paper, you need to study them in detail, especially in order to discover some new facts or examine new ideas. Don’t limit yourself to books, magazines, and the Internet to get all the necessary facts and information for business research. Find some official reports or survey results for statistical information, case studies to underpin your evidence with illustrative examples and so on. Be selective to find the most reliable information sources – Wikipedia isn’t a good way to have research papers done. Evaluate all the found sources for authority, objectivity, accuracy, and content.
    • Prepare an outline for your research paper. While doing research, it would be effective to take notes that would be used in your research paper later. However, if you skip this step, you’re highly recommended to do it right now. Outline the main ideas about the chosen business topic based on the structure containing an introduction, methodology, results and discussion, conclusion and recommendations. Watch the following video to know how to create an outline for your research paper.

    • Write a rough draft of a research paper. It is a piece of writing where the full-value content of your research paper is supposed to appear. It will be surely changed before it is in its finished form, but it must be. So if you have a research paper outline, less work is left – add some more supporting details to your research ideas. Moreover, if you research your business topic thoroughly, you have far less work to do – choose appropriate words and phrases to express all the ideas you gather at the research ideas. Due to proper citing, you can use someone’s words to back up one or another idea.
    • Read your written paper to correct any mistakes in it. Don’t rely on a bit of luck that your research paper is free from any mistake in grammar, word choice, syntax or punctuation. It can be free but you should be 100% sure in it. Double check the accuracy of writing and put all possible efforts to improve it at this stage. You can read it out on your own or find someone keen-eyed to improve the quality of your research paper. What is important to notice? Look at 5 common mistakes below so that you could avoid them in your research paper.

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  • Prepare your business research paper for being acceptable by an instructor. Put the final touches to your writing – edit it according to all the style requirements. Required to have 1″ margins on all sides? Do it! Need to create a page header/running head? Create it! Every editing touch is crucial for the overall impression of your work. Don’t neglect it! Pay close attention to the way how you cite the references and how you organize it. Sure that you managed to follow all the guidelines? Make sure that in the reference list edited in APA, there is an ampersand between two authors when you refer to the work written by these two authors. Everything counts here!

To the end of this guide, you can brace yourself and get ready for the productive writing process that is described in detail here. Don’t miss any point thinking, “It doesn’t matter to me!” All our research paper writing tips are aimed at your success, be it business studies or economic management. Good luck in all your affairs, including business ones!

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