Thesis Topic for Mass Communication

Mass communication has become a crucial part of people’s everyday life, and society has become highly dependent on it. The mass media helps inform the public and contributes to building opinions. Since a thesis is a type of academic paper students are to write to obtain a degree, the thesis topic for mass communication should present an original research that adds new information to the field. The thesis topic for mass communication may contribute to the understanding of how mass communication goes through the media channels or influences its consumers.

The Influence of Mass Media on Society

First of all, the mass media has three basic functions in the society, in particular, providing news, education, and entertainment. Its major function is to provide information as people need it for socialization, as well as to make decisions and form opinions. The education function implies informing the public about their rights and obligations. The third function of the mass media, entertainment, is used for amusing people and distracting them from their everyday routine. In the last several decades, the mass media has made a significant impact on the society, and it grew exponentially with the development of technologies. However, the influence of the mass media can be both positive and negative.

Television has changed the people’s perception of the world in a way that instead of spending their spare time in theaters, restaurants, parks, visiting friends or reading books, people’s most popular activity nowadays is watching TV. Television is so popular because it is the most accessible source of information and entertainment. It provides a wide range of programs, which can cater to any interest. TV also has a significant influence on politics. Politicians seek media coverage in order to boost their ratings. Presidents use press conferences to inform the public about policies and complex issues.

On the contrary, the prevalent nature of the media has its flaws. For instance, the billion-dollar advertising industry considerably influences the buying habits of the majority of consumers. However, people’s buying decisions are influenced not only by the constant advertisements. Celebrities are also part of brand marketing as companies exploit their popularity as an opportunity to promote their products. Moreover, new ways of product promotion have been developed on the Internet such as content marketing. Content marketing does not imply promoting a brand explicitly. Its purpose is to draw interest to certain products or services, among other means, through different videos, web pages, and social media posts.

Moreover, the mass media has a dramatic impact on the public opinion. Although once it was a guardian of democracy and political process, nowadays, the media shapes the information it delivers to people in different ways for the benefit of its owners or interested parties. It influences the public perception by distorting essential facts or omitting critical stories.


All in all, the mass media has a significant impact on the society. This fact, however, is both fascinating and frightening. Although it gives the public information and entertains it, the media also possesses qualities that can be harmful to the welfare of the society. Regardless of its advantages and disadvantages, the mass media will continue to be the people’s number one pastime activity.

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