Thesis Topic: International Relations of Donald Trump

In order to obtain an academic degree, students are required to write a thesis. It is essential to choose the right thesis topic international relations to best represent one’s knowledge and abilities gained during the course. Therefore, the ideal thesis topic international relations should be related to current issues and add an original and relevant point to the discussion.

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy

In the beginning, one could think that Trump had a coherent foreign policy based on placing national interests above the global stability. Although his strategy was simple and nearsighted, it made political sense. For instance, it can clearly be seen that the withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement was made with the consideration of Trump’s electorate. The decision had more popularity in states that he won such as Pennsylvania than, for example, in California, where the coal industry is not that developed.

There are, however, two factors that are preventing Trump from leading a successful foreign policy. The first one is his relationship with Russia, which may allegedly be based on personal interests. The second factor holds that the President’s ignorant and narcissistic personality, although beneficial for his business and TV career, is unfit for developing healthy relationships with other world leaders.

As a result, Trump’s contribution to the international politics has so far been a complete embarrassment. The President criticized the Muslim mayor of London, engaged in disputes with the Australian and German leaders, and forcibly shoved aside the prime minister of Montenegro at a NATO summit. Moreover, even though Trump has capable advisers, such as Rex Tillerson, James Mattis, and Nikki Haley, he decided to disregard their counsel concerning the endorsement of the Article 5 of the alliance’s treaty, which implies the defense agreement between the parties.

Moreover, on his Middle East trip and summit with the Chinese, the President proved that pomp and flattery could easily win his favor. Although Trump promoted the emerging peace between the Israeli and the Sunni, he did this at the expense of Iran. The President’s concern with jihadists apparently does not cross the border of Saudi Arabia, which is known to be a treasury for various terrorist groups in the region. The current China policy is peculiar as well. The opposition towards the Trans-Pacific Partnership restricted American markets in countries, such as Vietnam, Taiwan, and Myanmar, which are now more likely to cede to the Chinese hegemony. On the contrary, the Trumps belief that China could mitigate the pending North Korean nuclear threat still remains to be proven.


All in all, the future of the US foreign policy during the Trump presidency is likely to be more dependent on his distinctive personality than on the professional policymaking of his staff. Trump’s irresponsible behavior towards allies will make it hard to receive help from them in case of a real crisis and not the one caused by the President. In times when the world requires thoughtful leadership with clear vision and sagacity, Trump’s lack of knowledge and negotiation skills could seriously undermine the US standings in the world politics.

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