How to Write an Analysis Essay On “The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student”?

the secret diary of an exchange student

If you are a student, you surely have to deal with a great variety of academic assignments. One of the most captivating and challenging projects is to write an analysis essay on a movie. Students are frequently assigned or even choose on their own to write about movies about students. Sorry for the tautology, but this is a natural desire to write about their peers who face pretty the same life challenges. One of the possible options is “The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student”.

This film is about a 23-year-old girl who still lives with her mother. She has a big dream to travel the world. This dream is clearly reflected in her secret diary. When she gets an opportunity. She eagerly holds on to it and goes to New York. This is when the fun begins. There are many things to analyze in this film.

The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student Netflix

This movie was filmed by Netflix. It is a comedy about dreaming big. It is a Brazilian movie with local actors and so you would hardly recognize anyone from the cast. Yet, such movies are charming because you have no great hopes because Tom Cruise or Nichole Kidman are playing in them. The main purpose of the movie is to show the healthy self-esteem of youngsters and their positive portrays in media.

It is a sweet and energetic comedy. It will not make you bored because funny and entertaining events go on and on. Your essay analysis should be focused on dreaming, making dreams come true, friendship, cross-cultural experiences, love, fear of changing life unexpectedly, and so on. As you can see, you will have a lot of topics to discuss in your essay analysis.

How to Handle an Essay Analysis?

After we have briefly revealed the main points of the movie, we should go to the analysis itself. How to do it properly? We have several vital recommendations for you. Make allowances for the next essentials:

  • Research the piece. Before you even start to watch the movie, research it. You may find a lot of interesting facts about the cast, marketing, screenwriting, post-production, and so on. Some of these facts may help you to understand certain events in the movie. For example, “The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student” is a Brazilian production, and it shows the way Brazilians think of Americans.
  • Watch it. It goes beyond all doubts that you need to watch the movie at least once. We know that you can find reviews from other people. Notwithstanding, they may not understand something in the movie. If you watch it yourself, you will know for sure how to evaluate it and what points can be analyzed.
  • Take notes. It is vital to be a swift note-taker while you watch the film. There are many things that can be used in your essay, and it may be hard to keep them all in your memory. That’s why notes can help. Divide them into categories according to the sub-topic of the movie.
  • Assess what you’ve got. After you’re done with your notes, review and reconsider them. Understand the issues they are related to and think about how they can be used in your text.
  • Write 2 drafts. Craft a good outline that includes all the points you would like to mention in your analysis. The next step is to write a couple of drafts to be sure everything fits.
  • Revise your work. When you feel the work is done, revise it attentively. Apply checking apps to define all the errors.

Smart Tips for Students

We have offered general tips that are very effective. Now, we would like to provide more details for you. These are as follows:

Tips Details
Select a standpoint Regales of the point you like the most, opt for the one that will be the anchor of your analysis. It is supposed to be reflected in your thesis statement. Thanks to this anchor you will never go astray.
Write a catchy intro with a thesis statement You need to write an intriguing introduction that contains a “hook’ and ends with a clear thesis statement. Start with an anecdote, rhetorical question, or a bold statement. Outline the main questions and clarify the purpose of your analysis.
Organize the main plot You need to give heed to the structure of your text. Divide the main plot into several paragraphs. Each paragraph is supposed to disclose on specific sub-topic that is related to the main question of the paper. Add detailed examples.
Craft clear topic sentences As every main body paragraph covers one crucial sub-topic, you need to write the so-called topic sentences for each chapter. They act as thesis statements that remind you of what must be revealed in a certain section.
Provide the evidence No theory can be trusted if it is not supported with clear evidence. That is why you need to stuff every paragraph with convincing and plain examples, explanations, charts, diagrams, or something of the kind.
Find room for contrasting opinions An analysis essay commonly suggests contrasting points of view. They are required to emphasize something the author wants. Even if you disagree with an opposite opinion, it may be used to show the contrast between the wrong concept and the right one, which is offered by you.
Write a clear summary Finally, you need to conclude the entire paper in the final paragraph. You need to restate the thesis statement, outline the most crucial points about the movie you analyze, and explain them to your readers in your own words.

Wrapping Up

“The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student” is a great piece of cinematography that is worth your time and attention. You will be delighted by watching it. There are vital things to ponder upon, and many youngsters will find something private for themselves. You should definitely watch and analyze it for your essay. Such stories cannot be spoiled in assignments.

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