Want to Become the Best Child in the World? 10 Unique Mother Day Presents Will Make It Possible

If you are like any other college student, then coming up with a lot of money for an impressive Mother’s Day presents can be impossible. Don’t worry, we will not leave you in hot waters. We have pooled our creative resources to bring to you the most affordable (but equally impressive) Mother Day presents that will not only wow your mother, but will establish your place in the household as her favorite, which was your goal from the start wasn’t it?

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Here are some choices for you to wow your mother with!

1. Photo Frame

Encapsulate a cherishable memory within a photo frame, which can be purchased from the dollar store. Your mom will be happy to get a reminder of the time when you looked like

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2. Chore Coupon Book

Your Mother’s Day present can be made free of charge. Offer to help her with menial chores whenever you are home from college and help her do laundry, or dishes. Let her have a day off to herself and put her feet up.

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3. Your Television Subscription Passwords

If you have already subscribed for Netflix, Amazon prime, HBO GO or Amazon prime, then giving her that password is completely free for you, as you are already paying for it. Double enjoyment with the price of one.

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4. Breakfast in Bed

Hand creams and scented candles are so clichéd and can be insanely expensive for a poverty-stricken student. If you are like

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then prepare your mom’s favorite breakfast (if you are at home) and treat her to a royal meal. A flower bud and hot tea with breakfast will be a nice touch.

5. Classic Book

If your mom is a reader, and she spends most of her time like

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Then what a better way to win her heart is than giving her what her heart desires, i.e. a classic paperback like Wuthering Heights, Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women or Les Miserables.

6. Magazine Subscription

Celebrate your mom’s hobbies and interests by subscribing her to a magazine. It can be a cooking, interior decorating or gardening magazine. This is a gift, which will keep on giving, the whole year. It will keep you in the forefront of her memories forever.

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7. Your University Sweatshirts

Most university bookshops sell university sweatshirts or “(university name here) Mom” t-shirts. Send her one of that and let her show off how proud she is of you.

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8. Flowers

Flowers are the way to a women’s heart, until you are financially sound enough to buy her diamonds. Pick her favorite flowers and send them to her. One whiff of them and she will be looking like

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9. Sincere Greeting Card

It might sound clichéd, but this is also a classic for a reason. Receiving a greeting card, which is written heart fully, warms your heart. Write a short memory inside or a private joke that you share with your mother, or simply tell her how special she is to you. This will bring on the waterworks like


10. Donation to Her Favored Charity

This is one of the things, which will elevate you in her eyes in a second. If she is little miffed at you, this is the best route you can go. With as little as $25, you can make her forgive the gravest offenses and covert your status as the new favorite child in the house.

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These are some gifts that will make your mother really happy this Mother’s Day, because in the end, all you want to hear from her is how much she loves you and that there is no one like you.

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