10 Resourceful Ways to Make Your Paying for Graduate School Funnier

There are people who say that money is not important or that money can’t buy you happiness. Well, it can buy you a lot of grief, especially if you are a graduate student. Paying for graduate school can become a nightmare if you are short on funds, and yes! That means saying goodbye to a decent meal or clothes and say hello to ramen and hoodies. Everyone wishes that they were rolling in money. Who wouldn’t? But getting creative to earn is the real deal. You might even have to use some of your brain cells, which are not destroyed by the endless lectures and assignments yet!
Here are some amazingly creative ways for students to earn some extra cash, because financial matters don’t have to be boring and depressing all the time. You can be funny and rich. Just look at Ellen DeGeneres and Amy Poehler. But don’t sweat if you don’t have a funny bone in your body, because we have your back with these imaginative ways to help you pay for graduate school without drowning in student loans.

1. Recycle Your Phone or Any Other Gadget

Because who needs to communicate with people anymore.
phone recycling
Friendship is overrated anyway. If you were dreaming about buying that shiny new iPhone, say goodbye to it as you will be using one of the ancient Nokia cell phones that must be hidden somewhere in your old junk.

2. Invite People for Dinner

And pray that they don’t die of food poisoning! Just kidding. No really, don’t kill them! Use a recipe book and become a real life Martha Stewart. You can invite people over and set a price per plate. Here is to hoping that somebody will actually show up to taste something you made.

3. Drive People around and Earn $35/Hour

You might stand a chance because it is cheaper than calling a cab. Let’s hope that they don’t notice your jitters and nerves.
driving around

4. Review Music for Cash

That must be surprising for some and a silver lining for music lovers. You can earn $50+ per month for listening to and reviewing music by aspiring artists, if your ears don’t start bleeding that is.

5. Sell Your Wardrobe

Clothes are not important. Moreover, how often were you going to wear that amazing Top Shop red dress anyway?

6. Test Websites

At last, something you must be good at, since you already spend most of your time glued to your phone, no doubt!

7. Get Paid by Being Someone’s Friend

If you are thinking
being friend
Stop! You are in serious need of cash and that is somewhat pathetic too. Therefore, you will hopefully feel right at home with them and earn $10-$50 an hour on the plus side too.

8. Bet at Matches

If you are really smart (and lucky on the top of that). On the bright side, it’s a totally legit, tax and risk free way to make quick cash online. Bet against or for a certain result and voila! Easy money.

9. Sell Your Notes to Others

If you spend countless sleepless nights making notes like
Cash your skills by selling other non-serious students your notes.

10. Become a Mystery Shopper

Since you cannot afford to go shopping yourself, this might be the only way for you to visit some swanky boutiques and shops. Undercover assignments include looking around, taking notes and reporting on staff activity. If you ever wanted to be a detective or an investigator, this job will make you feel ecstatic.
mystery shopper
These are some of the creative ways to earn money and fill in your empty pockets with much needed cash, so use them to pay for your graduate school and just try to be happy.

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