6 Words with Dirty Meanings You Use in Your Title for Research Paper Sample

It’s sometimes overwhelming how diverse the English language can be. Of course, you know that some words may have dozens of similar or completely different meanings, but admit that you don’t think about it much when you’re writing an academic paper. You try to use sophisticated language and complex grammar constructions because that is what the style requires. But after reading this article, your life will never be the same because you’ll find out that some words that you often use in a title for research paper (never mind the whole text – it will be just too much for you) have “interesting” implications. So, let’s see how dirty you get while playing with academic terms without even realizing it ☺

  1. Tutoring = Sex
  2. Interpersonal relationship

    Yep, in the academic world, they mask the word “coitus” with a harmless lexical unit that is supposed to be connected with education. So, be careful while adding “tutoring” to your title and be all ears when someone’s talking about it in the academic circles – you’ll discover a lot of interesting details about people around you.

  3. Research = 10 Minutes in Google
  4. boss man

    Now, you’ll be much more prudent while stating that your paper is a fully-featured “research” on a certain topic. Its dirty meaning may be the real truth of how you have really prepared this particular writing assignment, but your supervisor certainly doesn’t have to know about that.

  5. Section = Session of Smoking Marijuana
  6. wiz khalifa smoking

    Well, if you mention in your title that you’ve analyzed a few “sections” of some book or journal and see that some people try to hide crooked smiles, you know who fancies this particular word and is aware of all the implications.

  7. Titles = Small Breasts
  8. trek dagger of the mind

    “A Comprehensive Study of American Movie Titles from the 20th Century” is a topic that might get some readers embarrassed. But, hey, is it your fault that the dirty message is the first thing that comes to people’s mind? Different strokes for different folks, if you know what we mean.

  9. Source = Object of Sexual Desire
  10. man

    Make sure that it is clear from the context what (or who) is your source not to, you know, get into “double meaning” waters because you can never predict the consequences.

  11. Information = Marijuana
  12. cannabis

    And “to be informed” stands for “to be high”. Now the popular saying “Who owns the information – owns the world” gains a completely different meaning, right?
    Of course, some of these definitions are common only for separate English-speaking regions or some highly isolated contexts, but still, they exist and can blunder your perception of these words pretty well. We’re sure that these terms will never look the same to you and you’ll think twice before including them into your papers’ titles, but, you know, we had to inform you about the source of possible giggling from people reading your titles and analyzing your research (all the puns intended).

    missy doctor who

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